Thursday, May 21, 2009


This morning I decided I really could do some of my stretches after my run, sitting right in front of that new rose bush I just planted.  So as I bent, my nose was right on the flower... which has such a powerful fragrance.  It was pleasant, and I decided to take a photo with my blackberry as a keepsake.  

I am still flirting with the idea of going to Hawaii.  Actually it is more than a flirtation.  I just need the time to sit down and book it all in the most sensible way... and that is not happening this week.  Maybe this weekend.  I talked with my sponsor about it - expecting her to tell me that it is extravagant and I should never do anything like this - I should get a second job cleaning toilets, or something... but she said "do it!"  And when I told her I was leaning towards staying at the luxury resort hotel instead of the one that costs half as much, she said "do it!"  It is very exciting to think of doing this thing - my 50th state.  I wanted to go to Alaska first and I am glad I did... but now Hawaii is just hanging out there in the pacific, waiting for me to come.  

I am training again, and here's an equation for you:
     Mary Christine + Running = Happy Mary Christine.

Yesterday I found out (via facebook) that a former sponsee is dating a former boyfriend. That felt really icky.  So I "unfriended" my first person on facebook (the former b.f.) because there are some things I would just rather not know - like that she thinks he is "a good kisser".  I am on the fence about facebook and may totally get out of it.   

AA is such a small world.  It can lead to some pretty crazy almost incestuous situations.  Most of the time we do pretty well, but sometimes it is disastrous.  

I am so grateful that all this technology and constant communication were not in my life in early sobriety.  I am not sure I could have survived it.  

But I know that I am just where I am supposed to be today, and that it is a pretty nice place... full of fragrant roses after a run, tons of friends, and family who love me.  YAY!


Steve E. said...

I posted today to an AA friend on facebook--she had wished me "Happy Birthday...but I do not have time for FB, have to leave it. Just cannot do everything.

Hawaii sound stupendous, a scintillating experience awaits you there, I'm sure about that.

Especially using the axiomatic formula:
Mary Christine + Running = Happy Mary Christine!

Scott W said...

I like the way your sponsor thinks!

dAAve said...

I think you would have survived just fine because --- you are a survivor.

Go to Hawaii.
Stay at the luxury resort hotel.
Go to their spa.
Fly home.

Gin said...

I think your sponsor is right. Go to Hawaii and enjoy it to the fullest! I always feel so much better when I am working out too. I took a two-month break and I had to go back because I was miserable. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ed G. said...

I think I commented before that I'm a big fan of Hawaii - I think you'll not regret it at any level (luxury or budget). I've been to 5 of the Islands and can offer you my experiences (if it's useful to you) - email, if you want, and we can discuss further and/or chat.
I'm glad you've got good things in your life...
Blessings and aloha...

Syd said...

I hope that you get to go to Hawaii. I'm with Dave--splurge on yourself.

As far as Facebook, I don't do it. Too trite IMO. I have enough to do as it is.

CharlieHipHop said...

Thanks for being happy. I'm only on my third day, but it feels great!

You should definitely dump Facebook -- it's a total waste of time and an intrusion on your privacy.

Prayer Girl said...

Treating yourself in a super nice way - I love it. What a great idea. I went to Hawaii during the Vietnam war (R & R with my first husband who was serving in Vietnam.)

It was so beautiful. I know you will love it.


GG said...

Life is too short. Treat yourself well. Go to Hawaii!

Steve E. said...

"Hawaii is just hanging out there in the pacific, waiting for me to come."

That is sure a positive statement. I was gonna blog about "positive" tonight, but changed my mind. Made a decision...etc.

Hawaii-waiting for me. Immediately I thought of the show South Pacific, and the tune "Bali Hai", an island which beckoned all the sailors with the words: Bali Hai, Come To Me...your Special Island.