Monday, July 20, 2009


My beloved sponsee just returned from a trip to many far away places.  She brought me the above triptych from Westminster Abbey.  What a thoughtful gift.  And in light of the way I am feeling today, it is deeply reassuring that she actually knows who I am - and cares enough to think about that.  

I have been having rare PTSD today.  It was so bad that I made up an excuse to cut an eye exam short - because I couldn't stand to be alone in the room with the eye doctor.  Old, old feelings of panic and fear.

I know that this will pass.  

I know that God is in His heaven and that He loves me.  I know that I have friends who care deeply about me.  They care enough to actually learn who I am.  

And I know who they are too.  We take the time to listen to each other.  We watch each other.  We care about each other.  


Scott W said...

Lucky aren't we?

I am glad to be shoulder to shoulder with you.

dAAve said...

I wish you had called me when you were in the exam room. I could have told you a joke that might have made you want to stay right where you were.
Maybe not.

Pam said...

Oh what a great sponsee! And those are lovely by the way.
Ya know, I get the PTSD symptoms sometimes at the most "odd" moments. We probably do the same thing too - pray pray pray.

Lou said...

You can tell who really knows you by the gifts they bring back from a trip. I'm amazed by the inappropriate gifts I get from my mother-in-law. She has no idea who I really am.

BTW, that is a beautiful gift!

Syd said...

I think that I had some PTSD yesterday but got my head back on straight at the meeting last night. That is a lovely gift from your sponsee.

Ed G. said...

What a lovely gift - you are truly blessed.

I can relate to the whole fear thing (I've never been diagnosed so I won't say PTSD) - not fun, not at all easy.

I wish peace and happiness to you sufficient unto your day...

Blessings and aloha...