Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is the best photo of my vacation - and I took it with my cell phone and not my brand new camera!  I think I will print this out and frame it.... I just love it.

I am a bit peeved tonight.  I have gotten annoyed with smugness of some comments on another blog.  It is not the first time and I doubt it will be the last.  I wrote a rant about it and then deleted it and was going to write some pleasantness here.  I am a pretty authentic person, so if I am talking puppies and butterflies, you can be sure that is where I am... and if not, you will know that too.  I am not a believer in phoniness.  

I do believe I am in charge of my attitude and that I cannot stay in a sour place for long - like more than a couple of minutes.  But while I am there, I don't believe there is any benefit in pretending it isn't so.  

So, I went outside and picked some lavender and tied it into little bundles to take to work for people tomorrow.  It smells so good.  I will put some by my bedside tonight as I lay my head on my pretty embroidered pillow case.  Sometimes it is just the small things....

Tomorrow my daughter will be here.  I am so looking forward to her arrival.  

Good night, sweet dreams. 


Scott W said...

Great photo, you should paint it!

That lavender will do you good. Aromatherapy all night long!

Steve E. said...

I could never all my life, stay angry more than a short few moments--usually! But if someone is pissed at me, they either have to tell me to go to hell and don't come back, or forgive and forget.

Character defect? Maybe so. I'm getting tired of those things (faults) in me though, I gotta tell ya.

Sleep good. I will, but NOT on fancy embroidered pillow tired.

Mike Golch said...

great photo and a great message.

dAAve said...

Is that pink and yellow umbrella yours?
I hope you slept well.

Tall Karen said...

It's amusing to me how different you sound...when writing about current stuff. I imagine you as someone who could care less about someone else being smug on someone elses blog. I'm glad you wrote about lavender instead.

Lou said...

Smugness sucks. I'll take your "real" anyday.

PS it seems to me you showed great restraint;)

Pam said...

I love your rants and wish you would not delete them ;)
I'm with Scott - maybe you could paint that lovely scene.

Gin said...

That picture is BEAUTIFUL! It says peaceful beach vacation perfectly. I think you should definitely have it framed.

MMMMM lavender. I wish it grew around here. It is my favorite. Have a wonderful day.

Syd said...

My wife puts lavender and rosemary in the linen closet. I like what it does. I seldom do rants...but when great injustices occur,then I speak up. Always. The photo is great.