Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning

I've been out and about... to meetings and here and there and visiting with friends. What a great way to start a weekend. I wish my house were cleaner, I could keep on with a leisurely weekend - but alas, my house needs some serious work. Unfortunately, my shoulder has reached a point where I am now wearing a sling on my right arm because I need to immobilize this arm. My doc put me in one six months ago, and after some physical therapy it had improved to the point where I thought I would never need it again - ha!

This morning I am going to do a risky thing. I am going to take the flannel sheets off my bed and replace them with my wonderful white cotton sheets with the embroidery and eyelet trim. I shall freeze tonight because it is still quite cold. But I can't stand another night between flannel sheets.

Last night I drove across town to a meeting I don't normally get to. I sat next to an old friend I have known since I got sober. I thought about the fact that we are now quite a bit older than we were. She was in her 20s, I was in my early 30s back then. Obviously we are not now. What a comfort it is to me to sit with an old friend like that. Another person who has stayed sober come hell or high water and we have both faced a bit of each... and kept turning to God, and knowing that he would see us through - no matter what. And he did. So there we were.

Sitting in that room, which is the current incarnation of my very first group, I remembered my very first 24 hours of sobriety. I was concerned about what I would do when my children got married. How would I handle the wedding - the champagne toast? Wouldn't it be awkward? I asked someone this... and some sage alcoholic asked me how old my children were. I meekly told him "my son is 7 and my twin daughters are 5." Well, that person told me I ought to try staying sober one day at a time.

And do you know that when my son got married last week at the age of 33 - not once did the issue of a champagne toast even come up?

Glad someone told me not to spend a lot of time worrying about that.

I am very glad I have you other alcoholics to talk to because I can't think my way out of a paper bag! And God is able to work best with the hands, ears, and mouths of the people he has put on this earth.

What a deal!


chitowngreg said...

Sounds like you're having a nice serene weekend. Enjoy!

Ed G. said...

Sorry 'bout the shoulder. I'm glad we got this far - imagine what it will look like in another 26 26 years!

...neither can I...

Blessings and aloha...

Syd said...

I had to smile about the champagne toast. When I get stuck in self pity I worry about getting old and who is going to help me. I just need to stay where I am today. Have a great Saturday.

Julianne said...

I actually have had those thoughts myself about the champagne toast. I have other things on which to focus first, though. And it's funny, but I knew the sage's response before I read it. And that is a blessed thing.

Again, welcome back!

dAAve said...

That's too funny about worrying about that so far in advance.

Mary LA said...

In my first few days sober, it bothered me that I would have to cook Italian dishes without plenty of red wine. I couldn't imagine a future without wine in the food if not me.

These things do work themselves out, one day at a time. Hope the shoulder feels better soon. I have just put flannrel sheets on my bed and love the warmth of them?

Kim A. said...

I passed up an invitation to my friend's daughter's party last night because I don't "party" anymore and they do. I worried about what she would think of me since we are good friends. I might be able to be around people getting drunk one day but not today. It does not add to my life. I think that is what I will tell her. The truth.