Saturday, May 15, 2010


My plants got to go outside today! I still won't put any in the ground, but the pots are outdoors basking in a couple of minutes of sunshine right now. Its a wonderful thing.

This morning my sponsor, her husband, and I loaded into their car and drove down to the 6:30 meeting. It was glorious to be there. I haven't been there since I joined my running club - which meets on Saturday mornings. It happened to be someone's 10 year birthday - I got to reflect on his ten years. How much he has changed. How much he has meant to me. How much my life has changed in those ten years... I had just gotten my bachelor's degree in 2000 when he got sober - I was sober 15 years. It seems like yesterday - and also like light years away. I was so grateful to be there for his birthday. And I was so grateful to be seated between my sponsor and her husband. Two people who mean the world to me.

We got to go out for breakfast with a bunch of people. Again, it was just glorious.

To sit with these people who are so much a part of my life - it is priceless.

When I was sober about 6 years, I moved northern Washington and met a bunch of AA folks - the likes of whom I had never known. They had fellowship that I didn't know was possible. After I was around for a year or so, I realized something that was absolutely earth shattering to me. They didn't just happen to fall together - all these super cool neat kind wonderful people. They came together as a bunch of drunks - as difficult as drunks can be, and then because they spent the time together, loving one another, sponsoring each other, and sincerely working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, practicing the principles in their affairs, they grew into the kind of people you would actually WANT to hang out with. It was a revelation to me. When I moved back to Colorado I took this revelation with me.

So, all the people I got to sit with this morning and be astounded by my love for them? If you heard all the back stories, you might be amazed that we could all sit at the same table. We don't have all peaceful lovey-dovey stories. But because we have God in our lives, and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, we have peaceful relationships today - that truly are full of love.

It is a wonderful thing.

The sun is shining on me today. Literally and metaphorically.

Thank you God.


Peggy G said...

Fellowship IS wonderful! I'm not alone and the only one with these problems! It is a blessing to feel so blessed! Glad you sponsor and her husband were able to visit and not waylaid by slippery roads. Your sharings are a blessing to me. Thanks.

Syd said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad that it is a bit warmer out there.

Her Big Sad said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome day! Yay for the plants getting to sunbathe a bit!! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND! Thanks for sharing your joy!

dAAve said...

I love that fellowship too. I eat together with recovery peeps almost every day of the week.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I know what you mean about the stories around a table. I find that the people who gather around our bonfire every friday night all show such different experiences and the Light of God in such a beautiful way!

Mia M. said...

this is beautiful! i love my 6:30 sunday morn meetings. i never thought i could love anything at that hour, but i do. and the breakfast fellowships are just wonderful. ten years? wow! i can not yet imagine that, let alone 15 plus!

i'm so glad you had this great day!

marie said...

I really enjoyed reading the gratitude in this post. It sounds like a wonderful day! I hope you have many more like it. said...

What a fantastic day! We are big supporters of the fellowship too!