Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Morning

I have many ideas for blog posts over the last several days, but I am writing on the fly and no one seems to be reading my blog this weekend (or commenting anyway) so I will hold off for now. For the record the ideas are 1. Finding I have revised my own history, 2. Setting ones self up for a drink - do we talk about this anymore?

As it is, I have had a day that wanted to be a frustrating day yesterday, and expect to be challenged not to have another one today. I got up at 3:45 a.m. and struggled to get dressed in the 27º morning and out to meet my running / fast-walking group across town. But I did, and it was great. I finished my 7 miles before 8 a.m. and went to check my phone - which was dead. Dead. Dead.

I pulled out the battery to do a reset. Its lights came on, but its little buttons still did not work. On the way home I went to the grocery store. I asked if they had a pay phone - ha! I guess there is no such thing. They let me use their phone. I called my phone, which lit up and I could see someone was calling me, but the buttons would not allow me to pick up.

Well, I may make fun of my daughter for her endless phone usage and texting - but my phone needage is just slightly more subtle. I don't even have a home phone! The idea of not having a working phone does not appeal to me at all! Instead of taking a nap, I ran over to the Verizon store to see if they could figure out what was wrong with it, and 2 hours later, I walked out of there with a shining new blackberry.

I hate this phone.

Today I am going to endeavor to return it to the Verizon store, cancel my contract and go to the AT&T store and buy what I really want. And that is an iPhone. This is not my idea of how to spend a weekend.

Interspersed with this, I did get to go to a gathering of my group last night at a fellow member's house. It was so lovely to sit with these people. I managed to bake a pie yesterday between all the miles and the phones too. I sat on the sofa at one point between two men in the group - we were squished together because there were a thousand (an exaggeration, you must surely realize) people there. One is a handsome man in his early 60s, sober for close to 20 years. I have known him for as long as I have gone to that group - which is over 15 years now. The other is a younger man who just turned 40. He is sober 6 or 7 years, I have known him since he came slinking in the doors back then. I have watched him turn from a dirty homeless kid to a respectable young man, now married to a respectable young woman. I love these guys. I sat between them and thought how lucky I am to be a part of this AA family.

Most people don't have the kind of friends we have - ever. And we can travel all over town and find them. All over the world really.

It is a good deal. Because AA works. Yes it does.

Gotta get ready for church. You all have a nice Sunday, OK?


Garykfc said...

I'm reading you. You have a great day and I hope you phone issues get resolved quickly.

Syd said...

I really like my iPhone. It is awesome.

You are so right about friends everywhere. Such a great thing.

Carverlane said...

I don't know how I lived without my iPhone. We had a meeting here yesterday for the volunteers working at the International Convention in July. The excitement is building!!! There will be a Walk-In Volunteer HQ for people from out of town who want to help us out.

Kim from sAn Antonio

Kim A. said...

Iphone? ::drool, drool:: I want one but have to wait till my contract is up. How right you are about friends. I didn't know what friendship was until Alanon. It is a priceless gift. Have a serene Sunday.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Bave a wonderful Sunday!

Willa said...

My sponsor loves her iPhone! I wish I could afford one...not while I am unemployed, though.

Have a great day, Mary!

Let Go, Let God said...

I always read your blog. I hope that the commits I make are getting through because it's important to me that you know I am listening. I learned that in part from you. My many deep and grateful thanks.

Ed G. said...

Glad you're in my family today.

Blessings and aloha...