Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Evening Outdoors

I'm sitting with my laptop on my deck - surrounded by flowers. My lilacs did bloom and bloom abundantly - they are an olfactory delight. It is nearly overwhelming. But oh so short-lived. Really, I don't know if I could take much more than a couple of weeks of this.

I had a very busy day today. Started at 6:30 at an AA meeting, then to church. Then a very hot four mile run. My daughter came over for a quick visit, then I went to physical therapy. My physical therapist was amazed at my improvement - I was amazed that there was any improvement. I actually broke down and cried when I told her that I have felt that this shoulder has felt to me like the thing that is going to turn me into an old person. Not having the use of your right arm is very limiting. I have done my exercises - and now I will continue. Oh, please - I need this thing to recover.

Tomorrow I meet my running club at 6:45. We are not meeting at 5:30 as we usually do because we are not doing big mileage.

I am feeling tired and a little blue and I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Praise God I am sober to face it!

OH! A little gift from God - the first star of the evening shining through the leaves of the trees! Oh, how beautiful.

And speaking of gifts - you guys have been too kind with your comments. Thank you.


dAAve said...

That's all you need to say.
It is enough.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I missed you.

Peggy G said...

Glad your shoulder is better. My mom grew up in northern Mississippi and tried for years to grow lilacs here in NW Florida. One of those pleasant childhood memories for her. Thank you for your sharing AND your pictures. I love seeing peoples surroundings. I walked out this morning and the moon was the camera out!
Bless you.

Andrew said...

I can relate to shoulder pain. I have one that is so arthritic from old injuries that I am going for a replacement in a few months.

And the scent of them.

Hope said...

I've been looking at statues of St. Francis and Mary at the garden centre. There are so many different ones of St. Francis. I like the one you have. I think a rose bud and a St. Francis in one photo covers them both!

I am really happy for you for some progress in your shoulder. When any part of my body breaks down it's only then I realize how much I've been taking it for granted.

I can see the Big Dipper through my bedroom window at one point in the night. I've been in awe of the stars since I was a child. There is something about the first star that is special.

Syd said...

Lilacs, stars, and some rest--what a good evening. I am glad to go to my blog reader and find you there. Have a good Saturday.

Anonymous said...

You're back, wonderful! I kept checking just in case....