Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Biking to Work

My friend from work came over last night. I served grilled pizzas for dinner. It is quite a trick to grill a pizza. The dough has to be worked just right. I got one just right - the other one was too thin, and wanted to fall through the grill. I gave the just right one to her, she oohed and aaahed and I believe she really enjoyed it. One of things about living alone that I do not like is not having anyone to cook for. I still cook for myself, but it is not the same as watching someone else bite into one of my creations with delight.

We are riding our bikes to work today. This will be the first bike ride of the year for me. It seems my accident last year has affected my desire to ride a bike. Add to that my shoulder injury... and my marathon training... and I guess this is not the big year to bike.

The ride to work from my house is 9 miles - downhill. Which is awesome in the early morning coolness. The ride FROM work is 9 miles of grueling uphill heat, usually interspersed with lightening, hail, torrential rains, and other meteorological phenomena. I am skipping that part this year. I left my car at work last night and took the bus home.

Ah, the bus. For so many years I rode the bus of necessity. In fact, yesterday when I decided to ride it, my fingers still automatically dialed the phone number for the schedule - it is that much a part of my memory. It was a nice little break in my routine to ride that bus.

I better get ready. I have a HUGE day today. I have meetings beginning at 8:30 and I have to get dressed in my office. There is not much margin for the goofing around that I normally do on Bike to Work Day.

Grateful I get to be alive and healthy enough to do stuff like this at my age. Which, if you don't know I will tell you, would not even be happening if I were not sober. Thank you God.


Syd said...

I am glad for you to be able to bike to work. It would be great to have good roads here that permitted it. I quit riding with the local cycling group years ago when it became too dangerous.

Peppermint Patty said...

I thank you Jesus that you are sober, too. It's an amazing thing.

Mary LA said...

Those pizzas sound wonderful.

dAAve said...

Are you really over 30?