Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm talking to myself here...

I have been running since dawn. The sun is now setting on the longest day of the year - and I am just sitting down for the first time.

I just managed to return the call of a sponsee. I feel terrible that it took me all day. Another one wanted to come over tonight, but I didn't call her back in time. I guess I cannot always be available. I usually am.

It is good to be busy. For me anyway.

I booked a room on the 4th of July in Texas today. I am excited about that. We will drive from San Antonio to this other place - my daughter and I - for just a day of chillin'. I am beside myself I am so excited.

In the meantime, I have five more workdays to get everything done that needs to be done in this fiscal year.

In this wild, wild day, I took an hour and went to church. I put a veil on my head, and quietly walked in. I sat in the cool, dark, silent church for one hour of silent prayer. I wish I could do that every day. It was the best part of this day!



Kelly said...

A quiet hour in a church can do wonders for the soul.

Syd said...

It sounds as if you had a lovely day in spite of the many things that you did. I had a really busy day yesterday as well. But it was all good.

AnyEdge said...

I need to get busier. I need to find more people in my life.

marie said...

I love spending time in church alone. It is so somber and peaceful to be in a big beautiful church alone with God. That kind of quietness is so rare for me since I have small kids at home.

dAAve said...

I'm late. But always lurking.