Friday, June 18, 2010

More shopping

We found out today. And I went and purchased pink yarn. And more clothing for San Antonio.

Work is very very busy, just the way I like it. My new boss is a dream boss. Probably not for 95% of people, but for me, he is. We worked together all day today. Going to units, reviewing charts, getting stuff done. And frankly, intimidating the hell out of people. I am sorry to say that I do enjoy that from time to time.

This morning I went to the birthday meeting of a woman celebrating 11 miraculous years. I remember when she was a revolving door gal. In and out and in and out and in and out. Raising her hand, and raising her hand, and raising her hand. She taught me an important lesson. I really never thought she would get sober. I wondered what on earth she was coming to those meetings for - drunk - or hungover. But today, she celebrated 11 years. And I am honest with her about what I thought and what she taught me. It sounds harsh here, I know. But she thanks me, we hug, we say "I love you" and it is all good.

Gosh, this is a Benjamin Button post. I started with the end of the day , and worked backwards. So I guess I should end by saying:

Good Morning - have a wonderful Sober Day!


dAAve said...

Good morning works because I'm reading this at 6am. LOL

I too learn so much just by watching others prove me wrong. I love it every time it happens because it reminds me to STOP being judgemental.

Syd said...

Glad about the revolving door girl. Once a person stops revolving, they can evolve to be all kinds of things.

Carrie Burtt said...

We can learn our greatest lessons from example of what not to do, but when someone that can seem hopeless, recovers it is a great inspiration for us all. Such a wonderufl Benjamin Button post.
Thank you. :-)

Mary LA said...

Love that pink yarn!

And there is always hope so long as people keep trying. I do believe that willingness grows over time.