Saturday, June 26, 2010

Going out to run

Seven miles in the rain. It should be good. Next Saturday (while I am in San Antonio) I need to do 10 miles. I talked with my coach yesterday. I started out by saying that I will be on vacation and can't get that ten done - what to do? She said that if I truly want to get my marathon done in September - which I do - I don't have any time to lose. I need to find a way to get my ten miles done even while on vacation. It took me an hour or so to get my mind around that one. But I am on board now.

Did I tell you I had a hair appointment the other night? I told her I wanted my hair cut short and I wanted it to be very blonde. Two and a half hours later, my hair was short and very blonde, and I wanted to cry. After wearing it at work all day yesterday, I decided I like my new hair. It always takes me a minute to adjust to a new hair do.

I think it takes me a minute to adjust to anything. And that sometimes gets me into trouble. I love to hear people talk about "learning to say no." For me, it is a constant battle to learn to say "yes." My immediate reaction is almost always "NO." And then I frequently want to rescind my no and ascent to yes. But I have often offended the person I have said NO to. Yesterday my daughter and I were planning our trip to SA, and she had a plan that I balked at, I could have offended her, but I think she knows me quite well and understands that it just takes me a minute. When we got off the phone, I thought - I wish I could do this differently.

Just for today, maybe I can.

After a seven mile run in the rain.

Thank you God!


Syd said...

I hope that you can find a good route near San Antonio to run. Running in the city can be dangerous. Take care and enjoy the new hair and the YES attitude for the day.

Em said...

I know how you feel, I used to cry every time I changed my hair...and then my mother in law told me "it's just hair!" and I was like...damn! I have bigger things to worry about :) have so much fun in S.A. wish I could be there!

Linda Myers said...

Next week in San Antonio, if I see someone running on the Riverwalk I'll think, "Maybe that's her."

dAAve said...

Reminds me of Tyrone today.

I used to be a blond, does that count?

Anonymous said...

I just got my hair cut very,very short too. I love it! But not as gutsy as you blondie. So we will be waiting to find they have more fun? Hee, hee.

marie said...

I hope you had a good run this morning. I understand how you feel about how it takes time to adjust to things. I have learned to say, "Let me think about it" and then give my answer later after I digest the idea. It takes me longer to process what I really want to do or not do. It always has but today I know that about myself and give myself time to do it. Life is good. Have fun on vacation!

Peggy G said...

The whole post/comments made me smile. You will be shining in that Texas sun while you run!

Carverlane said...

MC, it is HOT in San Antonio. I mean, REALLY hot. I hope you have a treadmill in your hotel. If not, you are welcome to use mine!

Kim from sAn Antonio

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Any time I look to hard at my hair, face, whatever (and new hairstyles, colors, etc... always create this experience) I hate it. Then, I get back into the groove of life and stop focusing so much on it and I grow ... more appreciative.

LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only one.


Her Big Sad said...

I'm contemplating chopping all my hair off and just getting over it. I hope you have a really wonderful, blessed, exciting, happy and joyful trip!! Hugs and prayers!