Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Prayer Place in the Morning

This morning I sat outside and said my prayers and did my meditation. It was lovely. It is down to 60º this morning, which felt arctic compared to the heat we have been having. Lovely, lovely.

I thought I would try posting in the morning again. This is not going to work. I haven't got enough ideas first thing in the morning and I am in too big of a hurry. The next few months are also when I will be seriously training for a marathon, so I will be putting in some big mileage in the morning - which when you are as slow as I am - takes some serious time.

At night I tend to be a bit more negative than I am in the morning, but frankly, in the morning I am a bit vacant and airheaded. I haven't had time to form any thoughts or impressions.

So - one thing on my mind is the fact that three weeks from today my daughter and I will be on the road to sAn Antonio! Now, that is something I am pretty excited about!

Are you going?
Are you excited?


Syd said...

I am excited but not going. I wish now that I were but am sure that there will be wonderful "reports" back from the meeting. Say Hello to Pammie please. I do miss her a lot.

Carverlane said...


See y'all there...

Kim from sAn Antonio

Em said...

I'm excited for YOU :)

and I love your place to pray. I often pray in the shower because it is the quietest most private place in this house full of crazy kids and dogs!

Ann said...

I am sooooooo jealous!! I would love to go but just cannot afford it this year! Oh well, things happen as they are supposed to...enjoy the bliss of that many souls of recovery together in one place - bet it will be AMAZING!

shadowlands said...

What about, if you just blog, whenever you (YOU) feel so inclined,and then just let your readership grow or diminish accordingly, or even according, to God's Will? If we all eave, so be it. You are still an eternal being. If we all stay, and more join, enjoin the vain glorious moments that the prophet spoke about. Do, speak, blog, as you need to. Personally, as long as I know I am hearing vulnerability, (in the sense of, "Hell! I got a real human being opening up here!") I, am gonna keep coming back!
Anyway, apart from any of that, you post the best flower shots!!!

Peppermint Patty said...

I'm going to San Antonio to visit my best friend in August! How cool for you, too!!

dAAve said...

The last time I saw that table and chair, they had snow on them.

I am going. But for some reason, I'm not particularly excited. But I'm ready.

marie said...

weird that I wrote about my prayer place yesterday. Yours is beautiful.