Sunday, June 27, 2010

Splendid Weekend

Yesterday's run was fabulous. The rain dried up before we started, so we didn't have to run in the rain after all. Along the way was a barn with a golden cow (eeek! I didn't realize it sounds like an idol until I wrote this!) atop a weather vane. I did take a photo of it - I did not worship it though.

On my way home from the run, I had a vague memory of a friend calling and asking me to come to a party at his house to celebrate his 20 year AA anniversary. I thought it was the right week, but I wasn't sure, so I called another friend who knows these things. Sure enough, she was there and was able to give me the address. So, I showed up there in my running gear, still dripping sweat, no make up, and I probably didn't smell too good either. I guess I need to revise my opinion that I am vain. No vain woman would have shown up anywhere looking the way I did! I got to see folks from different groups around town and that was great fun. I got to visit with some who are going to San Antonio next week too! And I got to eat yummy food and discuss the merits of a vegan diet with several who have gone that route. (I don't think I ever could - I gave up meat for lent last year and gained all kinds of weight and felt that I was doing severe penance every single day.)

This morning I went to a meeting and then out for a bagel with the ladies. That was nice.

I have a sponsee who wants one of my pies really really bad. I just might make her wish come true today. We'll see...


dAAve said...

For a moment, I was wonderin' how they got that cow up there.

Syd said...

I have a friend who is vegan and she is quite heavy. I would think the opposite would occur. Glad that you made the party.