Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tomato in the Rain

It has poured rain since Friday night. Fortunately, I mowed the lawn just before the downpour started on Friday night. I thought that since it was so dreary outside, it would be a good day to take a photo of my one nod to practicality this year. I am actually attempting to grow food!

I have had just a very restful day today. I tried to sleep in this morning since I stayed up until midnight last night watching a movie (Song of Bernadette). I almost got up and threw clothes on and drove to a meeting at 6:30, but decided that it would be nice to stay home for one day of the week (since I went to church last night). I didn't even run outdoors today - I did my four miles on the treadmill since the weather was so bad.

So, what can I come up with to say at the end of a day when I did not much more than a load of laundry? Not much.

Other than gratitude for:
  • a warm house on a cold day
  • the money I am saving by not watering my lawn
  • having two days off at the end of the week
  • and that I have a place to go tomorrow (work)
Kind of reminds me of something I used to do (back when I was a LOT less spiritually fit) in meetings when someone would say "I don't really have much to say." I would look at my watch because it usually takes someone at least 10 minutes to say "not much."

So, that's it.


Kelly said...

I'm growing jalapenos. I figure if the neighborhood kids (I live in apartments) decide to mess with my stuff, jalapenos will teach them. Also, I love spicy.

I would love a treadmill! And I would add it to my gratitude list :)

Not much in a day can be a blessing of peace and stillness. Thanks for sharing :)

dAAve said...

Sounds like a day of mental health. Can't beat that with a tomato.

Scott said...

we've got a couple 'maters in our beds this year. I cannot go through summer without homegrown tomatoes. Thankfully I also mowed Friday right after work before the rains came again.

Syd said...

I like that tomato plant. It feels good to grow food. I wish that it would rain here. It is supposed to be 97 F here with a heat index of 105 F. Ugh!

Andrew said...

I like days like that once in a while!