Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning

Last night I opted not to post anything, I was just so well-rested and peaceful after my 20 mile run, I just blissfully floated around the house until it was time for bed. I sat knitting almost all day. It was wonderful. But this morning, I have slept a little bit too late (I only set an alarm for special occasions) and I have only a short time to get ready for my day, which includes a 6:30 AA meeting. So I need to be out of here shortly.

I am having lunch today with my former mentor. She was my first boss where I currently work. Sixteen years ago, she took me under her wing and helped me to decide to go back to college. By the time I had my bachelors degree, she had quit her job in a bit of a huff and decided to let her professional credentials go... she went to work at a deli! I still called on her to share my professional and educational concerns, but after a while, I realized it was like being sponsored by someone who had gotten drunk (and I have tried that too) - it just doesn't work. She is still my friend though.

Today she starts at an entry level position and will have her orientation, we will have lunch. I do believe it is her birthday too, so I will stop at the hospital gift shop and get her some small trinket.

No matter what later happened, I will always value the immense role she played in my life. I will always value her friendship. (but I certainly wouldn't seek her career advice.)

I have former sponsors I feel the same way about. I value every one of them for who they are and appreciate what help they provided, no matter what later happened.

God is able to put the right people into my life at the right time for the right purpose. Sometimes I wish he would let the same people stay in my life, but that never seems to be my lot. I am still incredibly grateful.

And now I must get into the bathtub!


shadowlands said...

'I will always value her friendship. (but I certainly wouldn't seek her career advice.)'

I suppose it all depends what the ultimate 'successful career' is, to each individual. I know a workaholic, who from the outside is deemed extremely successful career wise. Very wealthy too. Their private life is another story, they rarely saw their child as he was growing due to their absolute loyalty to work commitments, although they compensated for this by buying very expensive gifts for the boy. I certainly wouldn't want their advice re careers, because the cost in other areas would prove too great for me, personally. I have been on the other side, twice. Once was enough.

Give me a deli dweller, any day! At least they'll be home for tea ( or is it dinner in the US?).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 20 miles, Mary! Knitting all day sounds wonderful!

Syd said...

I agree about having the same people in my life. I would like for them to stay but that is not what God has planned. Glad that you had a relaxing day. I believe you needed that!

Syd said...

PS: MC, I figured out my reference to MOTR--it was in reference to a middle of the road alcoholic. There is a lot of discussion about that on line. I have no opinions but thought that perhaps you might have some.

Sober Move said...

Sometimes these people are in our lives now so we can learn from their mistakes.

I think you're making a good decision to not follow her advice any longer, we need to surround ourselves with positive people in all areas of our lives. In order to help you achieve your goals, you need to be around people with similar mindsets.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

So cool. I feel that way about my past sponsors and old bosses now too.

I've been truly blessed in many many relationships I had once given up for disease.

dAAve said...

Cool how that works.

shadowlands said...

'Sometimes these people are in our lives now so we can learn from their mistakes.'

I would hate to believe God created anyone as an example for the 'successful' to learn what not to be like.

Mindyou, the God of my understanding ended up dead on a tree at thirty three. From all looking at Him, that day, He wouldn't have been their first career choice.

Three days later, different story. That's my kind of recovery!!

Never give up on each other. I'm not talking to those of you who already have, just some poor Joe who might be reading this and feeling less than adequate amidst all the 'winners'.

God has a purpose and a time, for each of us. Trust and try.

Mary Christine said...

I didn't mean for the comment "I wouldn't seek her career advice" to sound quite so harsh. She has a habit of getting angry and storming out of situations. That is what I seek NOT to do.

I also don't think God puts people in the world to be "bad examples" and I find that a bit offensive. I was trying to make the point that I am supposed to love all people God has put in my life and not throw them away once they have "outlived their usefulness."

Sober Move said...

I certainly didn't mean for the comment to be offensive or that people are bad examples of how to live life, and I'm sorry if it came across that way. Everyone has their own path they need to take at their own time.

But I think everyone is placed in our lives for a reason and many to teach us a lesson on some sort of level. I know I've taken the advice of my parents many times instead of learning the hard way, though not always;)

I know at times I've seen people act a certain way that made me think twice about my actions. Like getting upset when I'm late and stuck in traffic. When I'm in a different place and watch someone swearing or driving irrationally it makes me think twice the next time I feel my panic or temper rising when I'm running late.

I hope I explained myself a little better.