Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Real Alcoholic

I just got off the phone with my sponsor. When I talk with her, it is like no other conversations I have. We understand each other. We are cut from the same bolt of cloth. She is an alcoholic. So am I.

I talked for a minute about visiting the website of the marathon (now in 30 days) and how that fills my heart with excitement (until I think about getting out and running another 23 miles in the next two days).

She told me she was the third woman in the jail there when it was new. She doesn't remember how many years ago that was - but it had to be more than 37, because she has been sober that long.

I thank God I have the example of a beautiful, kind, intelligent woman who is a drunk like me. If I had to talk with someone who had a few too many sherries until she thought one fine day she might try AA, I would have been dead years ago. I know her and she knows me. We are the same.

Which is what makes AA different from therapy. Some perfectly kind, wonderful, and intelligent paid professional can talk to me until they are blue in the face, but without that identification, I am never really going to really listen.

That is what Bill W. and Dr. Bob discovered worked when nothing else would or could. One drunk talking to another drunk.

Thank God.


Syd said...

Your sponsor sounds really good and straight forward. I have to say that a good sponsor is essential. I wonder why so many don't avail themselves of what is freely offered.

dAAve said...

HERE'S to a lovely day!!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

It's like God places just the right lights on the path to keep you moving.

Step, (or is that trudge) on Sister! You are an awesome reflection, and so is this reflection of sponsorship!

"my sheep hear MY voice" is what my husband is fond of saying. He tells me it's not that they aren't trying to listen, sometimes we try too hard to listen to anything other than that which we need to hear the most. But... when I just realize what I'm hearing, I'm guided right back to that phrase my husband loves to quote. "My sheep hear my voice." And all is right with the world exactly as it is right then, cause I instinctively know what comes next.