Friday, October 01, 2010

Assorted things...

Clear Sky Again
That's a photo from the course of the half-marathon I will be running on Sunday. I am so excited about this race - and then the marathon two weeks later. But I wrote about that yesterday.

I had a great day today, all the way around. I went to a meeting at 6:30 a.m. and met a sponsee afterwards. We had a great discussion. Some of it around something a man shared in the meeting.

October 4, 2010


I edited out most of this post. I got an anonymous comment today from someone who obviously knows who I am, but opted not to identify herself.

"I am wondering why it was ok for you to share all this in the blog as some of us do know who these people are you talk about. "

Well, I didn't know who I was talking about - therefore it was pretty damn anonymous in my eyes. However, if someone else reads my blog, obviously knows who I am and knows more than I do about this situation is writing to me, I will just take it down.

But I will just say that I think it is really chicken shit for people who know me to read my blog and leave me nasty comments. If you know me, you have my phone number - it is on numerous phone lists. If you read the blog, you have access to my e-mail address. Why leave a shitty anonymous comment?


Syd said...

It sounds as if the man whose wife has started drinking would benefit from Al-Anon. Detachment and letting go prevent a lot of tables from being turned over.

shadowlands said...

"But I don't think he was wrong to share in a meeting about something as disturbing as being married to an alcoholic who is drinking again. That is devastating, and I think people ought to be able to share about such things in a meeting."

They can, it's called Al-Anon. Or he could have gone to a meeting out of town, where no-one knew him. And why was he so angry, to turn over a table when someone challenged him? He'd make me feel like a drink!! Poor wife. But see, that's my sickness having an opinion, and getting away from the simple but life altering suggestions of AA. Looking at this situation, I guess they were given for a good purpose. We're a tetchy bunch, at the best of times. ;)

I like this from Bill Wilson too:

"If I were asked which of these blessings I felt was most responsible for our growth as a fellowship and most vital to our continuity, I would say, the "Concept of Anonymity."

Anonymity has two attributes essential to our individual and collective survival; the spiritual and the practical.

On the spiritual level, anonymity demands the greatest discipline of which we are capable; on the practical level, anonymity has brought protection for the newcomer, respect and support of the world outside, and security from those of us who would use A.A. for sick and selfish purposes.

A.A. must and will continue to change with the passing years. We cannot, nor should we turn back the clock. However, I deeply believe that the principle of anonymity must remain our primary and enduring safeguard. As long as we accept our sobriety in our traditional spirit of anonymity we will continue to receive God's Grace.

And so -- once more, I salute you in that spirit and again I thank you for your lives."

dAAve said...

I think you're right.
What's my motivation? I have to remember Step 10 as I go through my daily life.

marie said...

I was taught hard about examining my motives, too. I know couples who have the same homegroup and I have heard people say that it is wiser to have separate ones. I guess this is a perfect example of why.

I can understand (although not excuse) the anger this man displayed after being criticized for sharing in a meeting, if his motive for sharing was to deal with the pain he is in versus bad mouthing his spouse. Good topic to think about. Thanks for bringing it up.

Linda Myers said...

I went to my Alanon meeting last night and shared about something troubling that happened yesterday to my husband. I talked about it, but as happening to "a family member" - and since we have eight kids, it protected my husband. He will tell his story at his meeting when the time is right for him.

Before I went to the meeting, though, I called my sponsor. So I'd already had the main discussion about my part, and what was appropriate for me.

Kim A. said...

It sounds like it might have been more helpful for him to share this in an Al-anon meeting. Al-anon is there for friends and families who have been affected by someone's drinking. We have many AA members who are "double winners" (a term of endearment in our rooms). I hope someone will suggest that as a more appropriate forum for him.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering why it was ok for you to share all this in the blog as some of us do know who these people are you talk about.