Thursday, October 07, 2010


About ten years ago a high-priced consultant came to the hospital and among her recommendations was "JIT training." I felt like a sheepish fool, but I had to ask her what on earth "JIT" meant. It stands for Just In Time. Shheeeeesh.

I am operating in JIT mode this week. I have had a migraine on an off since Saturday night. I have a general feeling of not so well. I haven't run all week. I was sitting this morning trying to figure out if I can get a quick 3 miles on the treadmill - I can't. I will attempt to do it tonight. At work I am getting work done just prior to what I need it for. Meeting at 10? I am working madly at 9:45 getting ready...

I left work early yesterday to go to the dentist. I learned that I have to have $900. (out of pocket, not counting what the insurance company paid) worth of crown ground off to get at a cavity and I will probably need a root canal. Then I will need to pay to put a crown back on - and the insurance company likely won't want to pay to crown the same tooth twice.

I paid that money for that work on the day of my first date with that man who swept me off my feet. I left the dentist and with a mouth that barely worked went to my favorite retailer for a brand new outfit. Oh, it was a pretty one. And by the time the novocaine wore off, a magical date with a man who seemed to be the man I had been waiting for all my life.

Fast forward - four and a half years: The man is dead, found dead in his home after a dreadful last year of his life that included jail time and his face plastered on the television and newspaper. I haven't even been on a date for years. And now my dental work needs to go.

Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men....

Here's the good news:
I am sober
I am gainfully employed
I know that feelings are NOT facts.

I also know that the Weds. and Thurs. after a Sunday race are times full of strange mental twists. I also know that the week or ten days leading up to a first marathon are full of anxiety. This is probably not a good combo. Add to that an intermittent migraine, a toothache, and bad dental news? Probably strange stuff.

It is all good.

Thanks for bearing with me today.

I get to park in the hospital director's parking place today! He is out for surgery and the DON had a little drawing to see who of us sitting in a management meeting last week would park in his place. I won!


Roxie said...

Mary Christine, I hope your day is wonderful, beginning with your primo parking spot. I'm so sorry about your dental work. Sometimes it seems that dental insurance is nearly worthless. But as you said, feelings are not FACTS.

Syd said... work. I am blessed with really good teeth so I only have to go for check ups and cleanings. I hope that continues. Enjoy the day.

Ms Jones said...

What I love love love about your posts shines through this morning. In spite of how your feeling,in spite of dental work, running anxiety, etc. you still finish up w/ gratitude. this program works. It really does.
thank you for sharing your life w/ us.

Shay said...

"I know that feelings are NOT facts." amen sista, take care of you tonight

Kathy said...

Mary, my insurance plan will replace a crown after 5 years (at least pay their %). You might want to double check with yours.