Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It is Wednesday morning. I am so depleted from that race physically and emotionally I feel "impaired." See the fact that I cannot get this to post without thinking it is a hyperlink. Honestly, I have been posting something every day for over 5 years, I do know how to do this. Today? It is too complex.

Which is frightening because I have a morning of putting together a presentation at the last moment and then presenting it at 1:30 this afternoon. They are a critical audience. It is essentially a dry run before my big presentation next week to Governing Body. Oh, how I hate these third and fourth weeks following the ends of quarters.

I don't really hate the whole weeks, I just don't like this part of my job. I mostly love my job. But this is the part I don't love.

I am still the same person I was on Monday when I felt great. I will get through this.

Feelings aren't facts
and the way I feel is not an accurate gauge of my spiritual condition.


Syd said...

I had to smile at the hyperlinked text. I even clicked on it to see if it would lead me to a mysterious place. Good luck with the presentation. It is a few minutes in a lifetime. I tell myself that I can do something for a few minutes.

dAAve said...

I really like the underlined words today.

marie said...

lol...I clicked on it too, Syd. I like the underlined text, too, it made me laugh...thanks, MC. I especially like the last line: "Feelings aren't facts and the way I feel is not an accurate gauge of my spiritual condition." This belief has saved me from losing hope many days in the last several months. ___HUGS___TO___YOU__!

shadowlands said...

You old timers!! For heaven's sake, remember this old gem of wisdom and give yourself a break!!


Carverlane said...

It might be nice if you had a husband or partner to say, "And now you really must rest, Mary, no ifs ands or buts about it".
Or not.