Thursday, August 18, 2011


There are many beautiful things in this world once you stop drinking like a pig and open your eyes.

Today I talked to a couple of friends who told me such beautiful stories, my eyes welled with tears. My friend from Ethiopia who is happily married to a woman who is "strong," he said, strong like his mother. My friend who told me her elderly mother is afraid of leaving her alone when she dies.

I met my new beau for dinner tonight. We both still had our work clothes on. He looked so handsome. And dinner was so nice. And the few sprinkles of rain in the hot, hot evening were so, dare I say, romantic? as he walked me to my car. Oh, it is a lovely, lovely thing.

Tomorrow I will get up early enough to get to the 6:30 meeting because a friend is speaking and he asked me to come. I am so blessed to have friends who care enough to ask me to attend a meeting where they are speaking.

Life is so so so so good. God's grace has no bounds.


Lou said...

Nice, Mary. TGIF to you.

shadowlands said...
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Jeremy said...

I see so much beauty now and am grateful for it.

Your post made me smile

Steve E said...

I cannot keep from smiling, as I read these joyous words of yours. Happy weekend, Mary

Anonymous said...

God bless you, I so needed to read this today. I have only recently stopped "drinking like a pig" and surely, I can not think of a better description for it.