Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maybe this photo is in poor taste considering the terrible flooding going on in other parts of the country, if so, I apologize.

I am too tired. This looked like the first pretty photo in my photo library... hence, I picked it.

I failed to mention that I had a migraine yesterday, came home from work at noon and spent the afternoon in bed. I feel wiped out today. I went to see my physician this afternoon to tell him that I am having a great number of migraines. We came up with some strategies.

And I will have an MRI of my foot.

Right now I am just wiped out. I am waiting for my b.f.'s phone call and then I will go to sleep.

Tomorrow I will get up early and go to the swimming pool. Then I will go to work and deal with an extremely difficult situation... that I did not handle well today.

Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired... these things an alcoholic should avoid. I am tired enough to make me angry. So I am TA, or AT. Not LH, or HL.

I believe that God can do some of his best work while we are sleeping. I will trust that he will work on me while I am slumbering tonight. Perhaps I will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and generous of spirit. I can pray for those things.

In the meantime, I can thank him for the things I know I am grateful for.
A very short list would start with:
My sobriety
Those lovely crickets outside serenading me
A soft comfortable bed
A family I love enough to worry me
A job I care enough about to react poorly about
And on and on and on....


Syd said...

I hope that you feel better tomorrow. I am tired too. Had a four hour class tonight. I am keyed up after class and it takes me a while to unwind. Sleep well.

dAAve said...

Now it's morning.
I am hoping that your TA is better.
Take care of the H.
Pace yourself so you won't get T.

By mid-day maybe you can be H, J and F.

ScottF said...

I hope you're able to figure out the migraine thing MC.

I love the notion the God does good work in us while we slumber...

Lou said...

I was thinking about you the other day, and how the migraines seem too frequent. I'm glad you went to the dr. Migraines are still a mystery and so frustrating to find the right treatment. I feel bad for you..you are not one to take to the bed.

Maybe today you could let someone else do the heavy lifting, and you take care of MC. Pls know that is said with concern and love.