Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Morning

It is the time I am normally getting done with my run and hanging out with my pals. I was looking forward to having the day off, but right now, I miss my normal activity. On the way to the meeting this morning, I saw some friends meeting in the park, in their neon jackets and running shorts, and I felt sad.

It was nice to be at the meeting though. I don't normally get to go to the Saturday morning meeting. I saw some folks I don't see anymore and that was nice. I got to stand outside and talk to a sponsee for a half hour after the meeting and that was also nice.

There were some folks raising their hands at the meeting, as there usually are. I wondered if anyone suggested to them that they not just "keep coming back," but to not drink, ask God for help, get a big book, a sponsor, and get to work. Those things will bring about the psychic change which is necessary if you are to stay sober.

Ah, but what do I know? I am just an old lady sitting in the meeting. Just one sober alcoholic.

Grateful as can be for the Grace of God, because by the Grace of God I get to be sober today. Baking a pie, making iced tea, ironing linens, and getting ready for a wonderful dinner tonight. Oh, it is good.


dAAve said...

We share our experience and hope that somone will "get it" the same way we did. But I have to remember there are other ways to "get it" besides mine.
What works/worked for me may not be effective for someone else.

But that's not to diminish the basics of AA recovery.

Steve E said...

Disagree...and Agree:

'I am just an old lady sitting in the meeting.' NO!

'Just one sober alcoholic.' YES!

ScottF said...

I used to make early Sat morning meetings... That is a great way to being a weekend. Life has changed and so has my schedule. I miss those Sat am meetings.