Wednesday, April 19, 2006

200th Post

This is my 200th post. I started this blog in September 2005. I thought it was probably temporary. I wanted to talk to another blogger about being an alcoholic and I didn't want that on my other blog. So I started this one. The conversation with the other blogger quickly dried up, and I was left with this blog and didn't do much with it other than post once or twice a week. On November 28, Ms. Trudging found me and the rest is history. To be welcomed into this fold of sober bloggers has been really an amazing thing. I can't begin to say how grateful I am.

My friend Peter's dad died yesterday. Peter is the other shadow on my profile picture. I called him yesterday and we talked for a while. We were both crying. Sharing about our dads and their deaths. Say a prayer for him if you have a minute, OK? Thanks.

Wow. Writing this, I decided to look for something from "As Bill Sees It" - I have my father's copy... only his is called "the AA Way of Life" because that is what it used to be called. Somehow in all the years since my dad's death, I have never seen something that is tucked in the pages of this book. Wow. It is just a nice something clipped out of the New York Times... on the other side is an article about President Nixon's landmark welfare reform plan. I feel that I have just touched my dad.


Lex-Sunshine said...

How nice of your dad to stop by and say hi! : ) I love it when that happens.

Lex-Sunshine said...
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Anna said...

Happy 200th post...and my prayers are with your friend.

Anonymous said...

**Peace sent out for Peter**

(I lost my Dad too , in 1992)

You sound like a supportive friend to Peter, he will appreciate your presence through this I am sure.

As for you and your Dad,wow,that was a touching last line.

A couple of years after my Mom passed away , I began reading her program book from Al-Anon, the Courage to Change,she had little doodles on pages that really clicked with her, that is when I feel her too, I truly embrace it.

Thanks for sharing Mary Christine ~

Trudging said...


Sober Chick said...

is pretty cool like that! Happy 200th Post. I am grateful you were discovered.

Sharing the feelings of loss helps to bring about some relief. What a blessing, during this difficult time for your friend (and perhaps rekindling some hurt for you) to have each other.

Shannon said...

I totaly get that too... I have a song from my foster moms funeral... Eric Clapton Tears in Heaven that when it comes on, I am usually thinking about her or have been thinking about her and I always say hi Shirley

and I am sorry for your loss and your friends loss

my dad is sick and getting older and ran away to live in Denver... so I am gonna go out and see him, maybe me and my hubby can call ya for a meeting when we get out there?

dAAve said...

I bow to your experience.

BigSkymAAck said...

That must be how it works we pass on our experience strength and hope with each other. 200 post is a lot in such a short time. Thanks for letting me know about this so that I could become a part of the group.

AAwoken said...

Speechless. Again. I will pray though.

BigSkymAAck said...

I did a partial response on my blog. for your comment. The balance is that there a some things that are special between people that will last forever.