Friday, April 07, 2006

Rainy Friday Morning

It is pouring rain outside. That is a very good thing. I can see my grass greening up before my very eyes. And my pregnant tree in the front yard looks like she is about to give birth to about a million little leaves.

I was up for a while in the night and then slept too late this morning. So, it is almost 7:30 a.m., I should be leaving for work, and I am sitting here at my computer - gazing at the rain - in my jammies. I must get going.

" When trouble comes, do not say: "Why should this happen to me?" Leave yourself out of the picture. Think of other people and their troubles and you will forget about your own. Gradually, get away from yourself and you will know the consolation of unselfish service to others. After a while, it will not matter so much what happens to you. It is not so important any more, except as your experience can be used to help others who are in the same kind of trouble." Twenty-Four Hours a Day.


dAAve said...

Great quote.
I can see how these things are happening in my life today.
I never knew of the concept before I stopped drinking.
Have a great weekend, even if you're late to work on Friday.

AAwoken said...

Super quote. I needed that!


Thank you for the great quote. I needed that. It is as if you were reading my mind.
I see you MaryChristine!

Alexis said...

Love the quote and the rain and how you can see its purpose, for the grass, the trees, etc., instead of seeing something that will cause wrecks, traffic jams and a 'gray day' etc. : ) Your perspective is wonderful!

Trudging said...

Let me join the chorus, great quote

Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you a peaceful weekend,enjoy the fresh air and baby leaves:)

Shannon said...

ooh that was good... and I agree with Alexis

BigSkymAAck said...

I am glad for your tree, and you getting to watch the renewal of life. I will have to go back and make another post on my blog today.
tee hee hee.

Anna said...

When I am having a problem I always ask myself ...whats the lesson. Loved the quote.