Friday, April 28, 2006

Waiting for hot water

This morning when I ran my water for coffee, I realized it was only getting warm, not hot. So I went downstairs and checked the water heater and it seems the plumber turned it down to "low". I have not a clue how long it takes a tank of warm water to turn hot, but hopefully it will be by the time I fill up my bathtub.

My sponsee said she would come over today and bring an industrial strength fan and would lift up my carpet downstairs to get it all dry. I can't miss another day of work, so I will go to work. It is very nice of her to do this.

I am glad to be a sober person in this world. Just living through the challenges that others seem to be able to face without a problem. Thankfully my reactions seem to be more "normal" today.


dAAve said...

Oh, those silly plumbers!
Yours seems ot have converted your system to a warm water heater.


I am glad you are a sober person in this world too.
I see you,

Lex-Sunshine said...

I hope you got your hot water going!!! I had one break once and was boiling hot water on the stove to fill up the tub. That took a while!!! I hope you have a warmed up day! and what a nice sponsee!!! I'm happiest when I can be helpful : ) Have a great weekend!

Rex said...

I too, like JJ am glad you are a sober person on this world. You are a great example to follow.

Sober Chick said...

I can hear your calmness in your post. This situation is allowing your sponsee to be of service and she can cuz she is walking in the right direction today.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shannon said...

I am inspired by your attitude through this, thanks for sharing MC... I hope you can get the temp just right so you can soak in a hot bath later... have a HAAPY FRIDAAY

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are not only sober in this world too but you share your journey with us along the way and make a little difference in our days..Thanks :)
Hope you have a super soaker of a bath soon..enjoy:)

BigSkymAAck said...

I am wondering why do we call them hot water heaters? It is cold water that goes into them and we are supposed to get hot water out of them. So that would just make them water heaters. But we have called them hot water heaters for so long I guess that is supposed to be correct. I hope your carpet gets dried out and you do not have any more damage. I also hope that the water got hot enough for you in time.