Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

What a wonderful day I have had! First I went to an AA meeting at the Morning After Group. I decided during the meeting that I need to declare that my home group again. It is where my old buddies are. It is where people who have known me since I got sober are. It is where people I have known since they got sober are. There is good AA there - there is always crap with any group, but over all, I think this is a healthy group - and I belong there!

Then I took a hike up Green Mountain. Pictures are posted at my photo blog. Go have a look if you have a second.

I went to a play with my daughter this afternoon. It was nice to spend some time with her.

Plumbing update: yesterday while I was taking the industrial strength carpet dryer back to the rental place, my water heater started leaking again. When I got home, I had another flood on my hands. I did cuss this time. The plumber tried to sell me a bill of goods and I didn't buy. I opted to have him replace the valve that went out... and not the rest of the hundreds of dollars worth of crap he said I needed. This is when I really miss having a manly man in my life. (well, it isn't the only time.) The manly man drunken cowboy former boyfriend said he would come over and look at all this stuff tomorrow. He is out of town right now. Oh, Lord, help me with this, please.

Happy end of your weekend everyone...


BigSkymAAck said...

Glad to hear Morning after is where you are going. Where are they having that meeting at these days? So your pop off valve must have been the problem with your water heater. I will pray for you and the cowboy thing.

dAAve said...

It probably won't last for 40 days and 40 nights.

Mary Christine said...

Daave - The flood or the valve won't last for 40 days and 40 nights?
Yes, Mr. Maack, it was the pop off valve.
Oh, and the meeting is in an office building on 72nd, right next to the Bradley gas station. It is nice, non-smoking. West of the Old New Club. South East of the old Lowell Blvd Club, and Northwest of the Old Old and then new New Club.

Trudging said...

Wonderful picture! Sounds like you made the right choice about home group.

Lex-Sunshine said...

Looks like a wonderful morning, with scattered floods throughout the afternoon.......... : ) hang in there!!!

sirreene said...

Egads I have called repairmen for the most ridiculous things because I have no idea how to fix anything. That's what the savings account is for but I get to have TWO closests and I am accountable to myself and HP :) and the repair companies ~ seems fair!

new_eyes said...

We have an AA "club" in my little university town. I call it the 'dead end club" because during most of the week it is frequented by those who really stopped too late (well, that's not nice , it's never too late of course), or who use the club to help their controlled drinking. Like when they're out of money.

BUT, on Sunday morning, there is a "spiritual hour" there and all my favorite people from the dozens of other groups here get together at the club and it's always the best meeting of the week. No smoking of course.

And I want to make this my homegroup, but it doesn't work that way. Then my homegroup would be the club, and I'm just too contrary to deal with some of those people.

whoops. I go on too long, sorry. (got my own blog! lol) But your mentioning how satisfying your meeting was reminded me of mine yesterday.

best regards,


I too sometimes miss having a manly man around. But I'll keep you and the water heater in my prayers.
I see you,

Da Gal said...

Ahh Yes Mary Christine, not having the manly men in our lives does become blaringly apparent at times including when we need/want something fixed, and of course other times as well.

Sounds like you are taking care of yourself and standing up for yourself. I love the photo - I need to get back over to your photo blog soon.