Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's been a great weekend

I went swimming this morning and did one kilometer without a problem. It was really enjoyable. I went to my daughter's this afternoon and we took a nice long bike ride. She is getting stronger all the time. I think the triathlon training is coming along, and we do have three months left to train... We also all went out for lunch at (evil) McDonald's. Daughter, son-in-law, two beautiful granddaughters and me. Sitting at the "play place". It was fun to watch the kids play.

Sunday Evening. This is how I tell how much I like my life. My gut tells me. If on Sunday Evening I have a stomach ache thinking about going to work tomorrow, there is probably something wrong. But I don't have a stomach ache. I feel fine.

Tomorrow I have to give a quarterly report to the Governing Body and it does frighten me, but I will be fine. They invariably ask questions I can't answer, but at least I don't try to make up shit to sound or look good.

Which I learned in AA. Not to try to sound or look good. I learned to tell the truth in Alcoholics Anonymous. In my years of sitting around AA meetings, sitting around AA gatherings, and sitting around kitchen tables, I have grown to trust the wonderful sober people God has chosen to be in my life. In the short time I have been blogging, I have grown to trust my fellow sober bloggers and I am so impressed by the quality of their caring, humor, gentleness, and respect. We share our experience strength and hope. That's all we have got to give each other. And it is the most precious gift there is.

Thank you to my sober blogging friends. I appreciate you.


Rex said...

Always trust your gut! Have a great week!

dAAve said...

... and I trust, thank and appreciate YOU!!

(sorry i missed yr call)

Anonymous said...

What a nice post Mary Christine~
I love everyone sharing from the heart too, including you!
Gives me inspiration & smiles too.
Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

I appreciate you too!!!
good luck with your report
and glad to hear you had a good day

Lex-Sunshine said...

Sounds like training is going great! Keep it up!

Love the 'not to try to sound or look good' - I was ALWAYS doing that, before & early on and TRY not to do it today and just tell the truth, no matter what.

Thanks for the share!!

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Thanks for the post. I sometimes forget that I can be truthful in all things, not just at a meeting, and I need to be reminded of that.

Sober Chick said...

It is very humbling and authentic to not be afraid to admit when we don't know the answer. What a relief!

You sound so wonderfully free and I am thankful and grateful for your presence here.

new_eyes said...

I think I know what you mean. You remind me of the promise that we will know intuitively how to handle certain situations.

Anyway, I think I drank for social courage, but ended up more frightened than ever and agorophobic. Could never speak in public. It's ironic, now I am sober and in AA I have no problem speaking in public. I lost my shyness.

Alcoholism is tricky...

Glad to find your blog! btw...

Mary Christine said...

Update: The presentation to governing body went very well today. Phew. It does make me nervous, but I was able to either answer the questions or defer to someone who could answer.