Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rainy Saturday Morning

Oh, the beautiful aroma coming through my window! Wafting through the lace curtains is the smell of rain falling. I love the spring. I will spend today getting ready for my family to have Easter dinner here tomorrow. This is my idea of heaven.

"Who can render an account of all the miseries that once were ours, and who can estimate the release and joy that the later years have brought to us? Who can possibly tell the vast consequences of what God's work through A.A. has already set in motion?

And who can penetrate the deeper mystery of our wholesale deliverance from slavery, a bondage to a most hopeless and fatal obsession which for centuries possessed the minds and bodies of men and women like ourselves?" - As Bill Sees It, p. 163



Happy Easter to you and your family MC. Isn't spring great!
I see you,

Sober Chick said...

The rain is so purifying to everything. You sound so peaceful. I hope that you have lots of smiles tomorrow with your family. I hope that you have lots of smiles today just because!

BigSkymAAck said...

It is great to celebrate spring, the renewal of life.

dAAve said...

i like waft.

Shannon said...

Happy Easter
I love Spring, we had some funnel clouds yesterday, with some strong windsa and hail and rain mixed, exciting weather is what the weather man called it

hope you are having fun with your gran babies,

did I tell you I get to be a grandma...?