Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Morning

And I am heading out to the Morning After. Right now I wish I had not put my name on the calendar. I would just like to go to the meeting, but not celebrate my birthday one more time. I am sure it will be fine, but I would rather just blend in today... don't want to be the center of attention, I just want to be one of the gang.

At the Thursday night meeting, a man shared that he used to be afraid of me when he was new, but now he isn't. When my sponsee shared she just said "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid." I thought that was pretty funny.

After this morning's meeting, I am going out to get my daughter (who got a job this week, yipppeee!) and we are going to do our last open water swim and bike ride in preparation for the triathlon. I hope she shows up today (she didn't last week.) I will have a nice time even if she doesn't, but it is so much more fun to do this stuff with my beautiful daughter. The other twin is taking motorcycle classes all weekend. God help me. One son in Iraq, one daughter on crystal meth, and the other one on a motorcycle.

Maybe today I will take some pictures of the lake, the daughter, the day. I hope you all have a very nice Saturday.

"We saw we needn't always be bludgeoned and beaten into humility. It could come quite as much from our voluntary reaching for it as it could from unremitting suffering. A great turning point in our lives came when we sought for humility as something we really wanted, rather than as something we must have. It makred the time when we could commence to see the full implication of Step Seven: "Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings." -- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 75


dAAve said...

I'm afraid. Very, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

It lets the gang practice Love :-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said... are so the pink today too:)
enjoy your swim ..would love to see some pic's..
thanks for sharing~

lash505 said...

I am trying my best to face my fears. Your son in Iraq, I will pray for.

Scott said...

MC, just a reminder, I am praying for your kids and you, for God's Will... I admire you so much for this triathalon thing. You inspire me to get more excercise and go out there and enjoy the body that God gave me... I cannot wait to see lake pics...

peace to you and yours

Gwen said...

I started to wonder about being afraid. You are too cool to be afraid of :)

That is cute what your sponsee said.

I love hearing about your kids. I went to my women's meeting this week and three of the moms were crying. They have older children with children. They have some heavy situations. It scares me sometimes. Then I just jump back in and do the best I can one day at a time.

Hope you get some pics.


Anonymous said...

My gf has 16 years and people are forever telling me (and her, of course) that when they were new they were afraid of her.
I always say the same thing, "Be afraid. Be very afraid!"
Thanks for the good humor!