Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Morning

It is a beautiful Sunday Morning. I thought I would do my last big training work-out this morning, but my knees hurt (EEK!) I took some ibuprofen and will see if that will get rid of the pain, but my thought right now is that I better take it easy. All I (k)need is knee trouble one week before the race. There is the slight chance that I am over-training at this point. (an alcoholic going to extremes? say it isn't so!)

Yesterday my daughter actually came to the meeting where I was celebrating my birthday. What a wonderful thing to see that little blonde walk in the door (and I think some men in the group would agree with that sentiment, but for entirely different reasons!) My friend Terry was there and shared that she remembered Megan when she was 5 years old and was tagging along with me and the other two kids to meetings. That felt very very special to me, and to Megan too.

Then we went out to the reservoir and swam for a half hour and took a 12 mile bike ride. It was fun. I think she is going to be ready for the triathlon next week! Her husband had lunch ready for us when we got back to her house, so I got to have lunch with my daughter, son-in-law, and little grandbabies. It was very lovely.

I stayed up way too late with Mr. Sweetie Man last night and I am tired. I set up my tivo to record my favorite Sunday Morning news show and I may go back to bed. Maybe the ibuprofen can work better while I am sleeping?

"There is a direct linkage among self-examination, meditation, and prayer. Taken separately, these practices can bring much relief and benefit. But when they are logically related and interwoven, the result is an unshakable foundation for life. Now and then we may be granted a glimpse of that ultimate reality which is God's kingdom. And we will be comforted and assured that our own destiny in that realm will be secure for so long as we try, however falteringly, to find and do the will of our own Creator." -- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 98
p.s. I like the pink font, how about you?


lash505 said...

We are usually hardcore people that like to push it to the limit.

Shannon said...

Good Morning and happy Sunday!
that is sooo cool your daughter was there... and there are members there that remember when she was little... I know how special that it... :)
yes take it easy! you will do wonderful for your triathalon! I am soo exicted
that weekend me and hubby will be river rafting on class 3 rapids... wish us luck :)

recoveryroad said...

That was a good post for me to read. Cheered me up. Ta. :-)

Diego said...

It isn't so.....there, I said it.....Have a wonderful day.....

Anonymous said...

What a sweet day you had and what a sweet post. Thanks for sharing this day with us.
I was watching a Tri on TV this morning and thought of I wanted to make sure I came by and told you that you were thought of today--by someone you don't even know. Isn't recovery blogging cool?

Anonymous said...
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dAAve said...

I finally dropped by. Better late than never, eh? (hmmm, where have I heard that before?)

Yeah, it sounds like you are ready for the race. This week is a "cruise" week as you mentally prepare yourself. Be careful not to over-train physically.

Gwen said...

I love the pink font toooo. I also love that specific reading. Great stuff.

You know I love to hear about you and your kids. I hope Reid and I will always be close. How cool your daughter came to your meeting. That is great.

Sorry to hear you are in pain.


PS ~ glad you got to spend time with yo sweet~a`