Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Morning

Here is the hematoma I got from donating blood yesterday. My daughter was sitting in the chair next to mine, about to donate blood for the first time, so I couldn't act like a baby when I saw this mess forming on my arm.

I am usually the first of my neighbors to shovel my snow, but this morning I see that my driveway and sidewalk are an anomaly in the 'hood - covered with snow, tire tracks , and foot prints, while everyone else has shoveled. I will shovel it on the way out of here this morning. I am SO DONE with this weather. We are expecting a high temperature of 7 degrees today! And my office is freezing. I am bringing a shawl to work every day. I look like a refugee of some sort.

I remember winter hangover mornings in Chicago. After finding my car, trying to scrape the ice off while trying not to vomit. I guess shoveling a bit of snow before pulling my clean car out of the garage isn't so bad.

"When I look back now, I think I stopped maturing at fifteen when I started to get drunk with the older guys. I wanted to feel at peace with myself and comfortable with other people. I never found it in drinking. The belonging I always wanted I have found in AA and in sobriety. I don't think about drinking. God is there. My sponsor is there. All the credit belongs to God. On my own I could not have quit. I know, I tried it." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 485 (4th ed.)


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Brrr! I guess no workout for you today.

Usually, how long it gonna last? Just asking.

Christine said...


I'm such a baby when it comes to physical pain

Scott W said...

Yep, refugees from the ravages of alcohol.

dAAve said...

Did I write that excerpt from the Big Book?
I am so glad I live in a place where I don't have to deal with ice and snow. Hurricanes and flooding, yes. Oh well.



Pam said...

Holy Schmoley you brave soul !!!
You did a good thing....and with good motives.

Designer Girl said...

Eeeww. I'm secretly glad I cannot donate blood anymore (lived in Haiti; had malaria twice), because it always made me really squeamish. I just feel so shallow and selfish admitting that. Good for you, MC! Hope you get a break from this weather SOON!

Designer Girl said...
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Mary Christine said...

Noor, I am thinking you are asking how long this weather is going to last... I really don' tknow. This is so abnormal. We normally get snow and we get cold, but the average temp is around 44 for this date. So this is freaky weird.

Big Sky Mack said...

Hi sweet Mary!!! I try to give blood on a regular basis and if they did that to me I think I would want to quit. That hemo thing looks pretty nasty, must have been a rookie vampire. Thats what I call them when I walk in. But I make sure they no they ain't gettin no virgin. You amaze me with all that exercise. With the looks of those muscles I don't think I would want to get kicked by you. Like in extreme fighting stuff.