Thursday, June 21, 2007

Baking when it is 95 degrees outside

Today there is a fundraiser at work and I volunteered to bake a pie. Of course, I didn't know it was going to be a blast furnace when I was baking the pie. I was talking with my friend Larry (thank you Blue Tooth technology) as I was baking and told him that although I was literally sweating over a hot stove there was nothing I would rather be doing. It was great. Now, I just hope I win a prize for those lemon meringue pies! Oh, and Larry gave me permission to turn on my central air. It has been blasting all night. I hope this house will cool off sometime soon - especially since the air conditioning is not working at my workplace.

The chicken lamp was added to the photo for the benefit of my friend Pam, who has an inexplicable fondness for chickens - and should compile a book of her chicken stories.

I am off to church. Happy and Sober Thursday everyone.

"Theology helps me in that many of its concepts cause me to believe that I live in a rational universe under a loving God, and that my own irrationality can be chipped away, little by little." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 294


dAAve said...

No pies for this dieter.

Trudging said...

Oh I love lemon meringue! It looks like real meringue and not that marshmallow crap they sometime try to pass off

Mary Christine said...

It is the real thing... made from egg whites.

JJ said...

Save me a slice please.

Scott W said...


I love that photo, and that chicken has yellow trim, too!

Pam said...

I have lost 14 lbs. since I last saw you, but I could sure step away from my diet for a piece of that girlfriend !!!! Excellent Meringue.

lushgurl said...

Nummy lookin' pies MC!

As requested, I'm just stopping by to say "Hi!"...keep cool gurl friend!
Love ya!

Zane-nawwaa said...

OMG. That Pie and the Pie-ettes look sooooooooo good. Glad you've turned on your ac. Mine has been on since May. 78 day, 72 nite.
Luv ya.

Shannon said...

oh man i want hot weather baaad lol
it is about 55 or so boo
i miss u and am so sorry i have not been by to see u. life is sooo busy right now, that when I do sit down, I am falling asleep, it should slow down soon. just was thinkin about you and thought I would say hi... HI

Christine said...

wow! what good looking pies! oh how yummy looking. I knew you were part Alanon!

I love it--sweating over a hot stove literally--but gotta be grateful to not be barefoot and pregnant too

Anonymous said...

Those baby pies are so cool and that meringue looks fabulous.
You rock.

Syd said...

Looks really good. Wish that I had a piece of pie. ss

lash505 said...

that looks soo good. I will be in Denver not next week but the following.

Scott said...

Now those are some fine looking stiff peaks! You get a grand prize in my book! And how many time can we say we've sweat over a hot stove any more?? lol