Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two posts in one day!

I know this isn't much of a photo, but to me it captures a mood. The mood is my bedroom. Even though it is still light outside, I can go to bed because those heavy dark moss green velvet drapes shut out the light - with the exception of the little bit of lace curtains I leave open... for air... and sound. I love to listen to the birds as they get ready for bed. I don't know why they sing so much just before dark, but I absolutely love to listen to that.

I bet if you added all the time I slept last night, it would be less than 2 hours. I am tired. I had a grande iced latte from Starbucks yesterday mid-morning and I guess I can't do that anymore. I also had a phone call from a former boyfriend just as I was going to bed - we talked for over an hour and I had plenty to think about when I got off the phone. My neighbors are also out of town and their 21 year old son had a bit of a party (not call the police worthy, but noisy anyway) last night. I don't understand a 21 year old who has a party at his parents house. When I was 21, I had been 3 years on my own. When my son was 21, he was already a veteran of a foreign war. When my daughters were 21, they had been on their own for quite a while. Where does he find other people who want to "party" at his parents' house?

So I should probably turn on the AC and shut my windows, but I so LOVE the sights and sounds. I guess I will turn it on at the first sniff of a party next door, and in the meantime enjoy it while I can.
"Then comes the acid test; can we stay sober, keep in emotional balance, and live to good purpose under all conditions?" -- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 88


Scott said...

I too love the sounds of the birds both before bed and in the morning...

dAAve said...

Anytime you get something at Starbucks, the name of the drink must be LESS THAN 3 WORDS. Grande Iced Latte is too much.
Damnit, Jim. When are you gonna listen to me?

Pam said...

probably...his party mates wanted to get out of their parents house for the evening.

Scott W said...

The birdies sing before bedtime and in the mornings because that is their prayers for another day. Plus they probably stayed sober and accepting all day long.

Your bed looks sooooooooooo comfortable. I had to photoshop it to see it more clearly. hehehe

AAwoken said...

When I order at Starbucks I say, "Large, to go." Nothing else.
Party smells.....hmmmm, I was just thinking.
I am abstaining from bedroom comment.