Friday, June 08, 2007

I feel crappy.

I came home from the 6:30 a.m. meeting and called work - told them I have no appointments or meetings today, and I am going to take the day to go back to bed and try to get feeling better. I haven't felt well all week (or maybe longer.)

This morning our speaker was a fellow who sobered up over 30 years ago in Chicago... at the VA hospital, with cirrhosis. They did not expect him to live, he came to AA originally to warn us all about what alcohol can do! (Talk about singing to the choir!) Somehow, he stuck around to listen, and got sober, and stayed sober, and now has a beautiful life. He is one of those extremely intelligent drunks, had been a college professor who ended up on skid row.

So, can someone tell me WHY I care about Paris Hilton getting out of jail yesterday? I don't know or even care if she is an alcoholic. As far as I am concerned, I see no reason why anyone cares at all about her, why on earth is she a story? She is rich. That is it. I don't think she is particularly pretty, I know she isn't talented, she has NO charm, she is certainly not a philanthropist or even an intellectual. And furthermore, I don't even think she got off lightly... I think her 3 days in jail (counted as 5) was probably actually a heavy-duty sentence for what she was charged with.

Maybe it is because I don't feel well that I am so grumpy about this. But at this very moment, there are people starving, there are children being beaten to death by the people who should be caring for them, there are young, intelligent, worthwhile men and women dying from alcoholism without knowing there is a solution, there are brave men and women in uniform losing their lives on foreign soil, there are so many tragedies and injustices every single day in the world... and we are all worried about some snotty little rich girl getting cupcakes delivered to her mansion? I wish she could just stay in jail for a while, if only so I wouldn't have to hear about her.

hmmmm. grumpy? me?

I am going back to bed.

"Day by day, we try to move a little toward God's perfection. So we need not be consumed by maudlin guilt for failure to achieve His likeness and image by Thursday next. Progress is our aim, and His perfection is the beacon, light-years away, that draws us on." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 15


Shannon said...

Good Morning MC, first and foremost, take care of yourself. I am glad you called in, get some rest maybe some hot tea and you will get to feeling better soon. I really agree with you about Paris. I am not sure who care but obviously the stupid press does.

Take it easy today, sit this afternoon and enjoy the peace and quiet.


jrhighpeteacher said...

Ah, but you would have to hear about her MC...she would probably pen a book from jail, etc.

Yeah, it's not fair.


Anonymous said...

Rest seems to be a good idea, MC. Sorry you have not been feeling well.
As for Paris? I try to see it this way -- her life of entitlement has turned on her and she is now being used as a CAUSE. It's kind of funny, really. Wealthy people have forever enjoyed a different criminal justice system than the poor and now Paris is being held up as the poster child.
Personally, I'm tired of hearing about her, too. But I will never tire of trying to champ for an equal criminal justice system.
Peace and hope you feel better,

dAAve said...

I don't think any of us are very worried about Ms Hilton. She makes the news because fluff news is what the media likes. It makes dollars. We can turn it on or turn it off.
There is a lot of info on the airwaves about war, politics, the economy, people dying of deadly diseases if you look in the right places. Or the wrong places.
I hope you get some good bed rest. There will be a test on Sunday.

Syd said...

The Paris Hiltons of the world fascinate people, just like a car wreck does. She is an anomaly in a society that is in the middle of the normal curve. People have always been fascinated with the rich. It doesn't matter whether they have two neurons to put together, it's just the fact that she lives a life that most people have never experienced. I don't find her fascinating nor am I interested in whether she is in jail, under the jail or out. What I find interesting is that others find her interesting. Social commentary on America I guess.

Kari Sullivan said...

I hate to say this about my own industry (I'm a reporter...don't hate me), but much of the media, particularly broadcast media is about stupid, meaningless drama carefully designed to increase ratings in order to sell advertising. The days of Murrow and Cronkite are long gone.

Consequently, the trivialities of Paris Hilton trumps the more meaningful stories. That's why I avoid watching TV News and listen to NPR.

Hope you feel better, MC. You mean so much to me!!!

Peace out!

Scott W said...

I wonder how many innocent girls have been named Paris over the last few years. She is without substance and will shortly fade away.

Clarity said...

Paris Shmaris! Feel better!

Mary Christine said...

Well, this is what is disturbing to me... it is not the media's fault.. the American public must love this crap, or they would shortly stop serving it up. It is all about the bottom line, and this stuff sells.

Scott said...

MC, I hope you're feeling better, my friend! I am with you on the goofy stuff people call news. It's sad that these people get themselves in trouble, but I don't think I really need to know...