Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday AM

I had such a busy weekend and I have such a headache this morning - I really wish I could go back to bed. But instead I will go out and bravely face the world.

I am down to 3 sponsees right now. I think this is a "managable" number. I met with two of them yesterday and I am meeting another tonight. I actually look forward to all of these meetings and don't dread any of them. I am grateful for these women, I love all three of them. I am grateful for this attitude. A while back, I had 6 sponsees, and three of them were so needy, it really felt like a burden. Then I felt guilty for feeling that way.

My son called yesterday from Iraq. It is the first time I have talked to him since the end of April. It was so very good to hear his voice. We talked about his homecoming - which is just a little over a month away. I had a lump in my throat the entire time we were on the phone. When we hung up, I sobbed like a baby. You know, I have not heard him complain once since he has been over there. I know it is difficult. The temperatures get into the 130's in the daytime, and that is just one of the many challenges... there are many. He just says "it is character building." God bless him. I cannot wait to see him, and touch him, and feed him some good mama food. (he has requested lasagna and spaghetti.)

Oh! And I won FIRST PLACE for my lemon meringue pie last week!

"This brought me to the good healthy realization that there were plenty of situations left in the world over which I had no personal power -- that if I was so ready to admit that to be the case with alcohol, so I must make the same admission with respect to much else. I would have to be still and know that He, not I, was God." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 114


Pam said...

OH my GOSH...lot's of good news in your post today !!!! I' so happy that you got to speak to the baby boy today! That is so wonderful MC. Don't start cooking tonight :)
AND your lemon pies looked fabulous and now we found out that they tasted that way too!!
Damn I'm happy for you...all the way around.

dAAve said...

I want ...
lemon meringue pie
YOUR SON to come home safely!

jrhighpeteacher said...

Wow, I was the most excited about your pies!!! :)

Isn't it amazing that we can raise good people? God is good!! I'm so happy that you got to talk with your son. Tell him thank you, from this Californian!!!

I think the thing with sponsees is that God doesn't give me more of them than I can handle. I have 8 now, but luckily they aren't all on frantic mode at the same time.

Sponsoring is the toughest job, especially the ones that remind me of myself!! AARRG

Syd said...

Glad that you heard from your son and that he is safe. Your pie sounds great.

Christine said...

first place!!! congrats!

How good you got to talk to your boy who sounds like a grown up--war will do it that

recoveryroad said...

Get another plate out...lemon meringue...I'm on my way.

I hope your son and his Comrades come home safely.

Scott W said...

You are a winner! I already knew that.

I hope that phone call gave you some peace.

Shannon said...

I am so glad you heard from him MC. I just love him, he sounds like he has some characteristics of his mother-
and congrats on the pie contest...