Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chain Laws

The Chain Laws are in effect this morning. Does anyone know what that means? It just started snowing here and there is already quite a bit on the ground. It is pretty.

I am going to head out of here to a 6:30 meeting.

I am knitting cool things for Christmas gifts for people at work and I am actually excited about that.

This snow is so pretty!

I am out of here, man!

"My observation is that some people can get by with a certain amount of postponement, but few can live with outright rebellion." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 322


YamadogGirl said...

I was excited to finally see snow in your pictures. A lot of your pics are very beautiful outdoor shots, and living where you do I couldn't wait to see it covered in a blanket of snow. I always found the first blanket of snow very calm, peaceful and serene. Stay warm & safe!
Blessings & Love,

dAAve said...

Enjoy this day as your HP would have you do.

Shannon said...

wow that pic is cool! I can never catch the snow falling like that on my camera, well my old one anyway... I ahve a new one that has all these cool settings... any way have a great meeting and a great day MC

Syd said...

Hmm...chain laws. I can think of a few great comebacks but won't. The snow sounds great. Wish that it would do something that feels wintry here.

Scott W said...

Brrr! Grateful to be home and snowless!

Pam said...

Chain yourself to the bed and don't go out in it.
It looks beautiful!
I'm worried about your back though, how's that going?