Friday, November 23, 2007

Seven Things

Furry Chocolates tagged me to list seven things facts I have learned in recovery. There was a list of rules to follow, and (surprise! surprise!) I am not following them.

1. Very few things are about me (I used to worry about what people thought of me until I realized how seldom they do.)

2. Recovery from alcoholism requires surrender - not more self-will.

3. I cannot improve my self-esteem by willpower. I must become a person worthy of esteem. (even at my lowest point, I knew I was intelligent - tricks like telling the mirror I am wonderful are not going to work!)

4. One of the best ways to feel better about myself is to help someone else.

5. Learning how to say "no" might be a big problem for others, but I have had to work diligently on learning how to say "yes".

6. If I am feeling guilty, it is probably because I am.

7. Sobriety is a miracle every day, no matter how many days you string together.

I am not tagging anyone else because I realize some of you don't like being tagged. Others have been tagged. Consider yourself tagged if you want to do this.

"Our entire AA program rests upon the principle of mutual trust. We trust God, we trust AA, and we trust each other." -- Twelve Concepts, p. 16


dAAve said...

Damn, woman!
You keep reminding me of so many things I have to work on.


Scott W said...

Ah, #6.

Really grateful for progress not perfection today.

Scott said...

I just love your bare bones honesty! Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving to you!