Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Morning

Oh! What a glorious thing it is! It's Saturday morning. It's going to be a beautiful November day. My granddaughter spent the night with me. We just ate breakfast and will soon take a hike up a nearby mountain.

What a joy it is to live as a sober woman! My entire family was here last night for dinner. Then we realized that the Wizard of Oz was on television. We turned out the lights and watched the movie. The little one was so afraid of the Wicked Witch of the West... she ran to my son, her uncle, every time the witch was on... it was so dear.

So, I will give little Miss a bath and then bundle up for a hike up a mountain! Fun at Nana's!

"It is not always the quantity of good things that you do, it is also the quality that counts." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 11


dAAve said...

Thanks for being you. Every single day.

Banana Girl said...

My favorite movie...even with the witches. I hope you have a day filled with wonderful memories. I still recall pleasant active days with the grandkids when they were little. Now they are teenagers and have their own friends which is grand. I am grateful today for the memories. I am certain they will be back when they have need to be.

Scott W said...

Sounds like a grand time.

Happy Weekend, MC!

Pam said...

Oh man MC..that was beautiful!