Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trying Times

These are trying times. Some of the reasons I have mentioned here, most I haven't. I try not to write very much about work, so I haven't written very much about work - but it is very trying right now. I am also having a relationship issue, which hurts very much. Hurting my back on Sunday affected my mood in 2 ways. 1. pain - it colors a person's world. 2. running is one of my major mental health measures - and now I can't run.

The good news? I am sober and have been through all of this before, so I know that I will be OK. I have lots of good friends who put up with me. I sponsor 4 beautiful women who are a joy in my life. My children will help me with things if I ever realize that I am not 20 years old anymore and actually need help from time to time.

By staying sober, by the Grace of God, one day at a time, for a little while, my life has changed dramatically. I have stable relationships. I am well-plugged into an AA community. I am well-plugged into my church community. I am even well-plugged into my work community. I have support everywhere I go. I just realized it was 2 years yesterday since Trudge found my blog and I got hooked into this blogging community. It is all good.

"Therefore, the main problem of the alcoholic centers in his mind, rather than in his body." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 23


Scott W said...

Oh, it's that narrow road again.

dAAve said...

Any time I don't really feel like giving up MY time for my Mom, I just remember all the times throughout her life that she did that very thing for me.

The moral is...
Don't piss off your kids.

Pam said...

ya know what I think little asparages tip...I think just because we have been through something before, and just because we know we will be OK in the end, doesn't make it any easier. I hate yuck feelings...they are so hard to shake off, and now you can't even "run" them off. So I just want to acknowledge that it sucks for you at this moment, and not try to minimize it.
So I'm sorry sweet MC, that life is poking at you with a short stick right now. I wish we could just go for a walk in your neck of the woods (I'll need to borrow a coat) and just talky talky talky until we could decide who needs to be kicked off the planet and who gets to stay.
Thinkin of you darlin' !!!!

Syd said...

When I hurt physically, I generally don't do so well mentally. It sucks my energy and I start to feel sorry for myself. And when I go down that road, I am shortly down in the swamp. Glad that you have support and also know what to do to stay on the right road.

MICKY said...
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