Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sometimes I have to do whatever I can do to trick myself into feeling better. I was so discouraged yesterday about many things, but what really fed it was that I woke up too late to take a run. Running is my anti-depressant. It helps me physically, emotionally, and mentally. When I am not getting exercise, I tend to fall into traps of thinking that lead me into unhappiness.

At a little after 11 o'clock yesterday, I realized that I didn't need to be anywhere for an hour or so, so I drove home, put on my running clothes and went out for a three mile run. Oh, it was glorious. The sun was shining, it was in the 40ºs, and I was outdoors! At noon! It was great. I then came back home, cooled off a bit, and threw my work clothes back on and went back to work. Now, I didn't look absolutely terrific, but I don't really care. It was a great break in my day, and I didn't mind staying at work till 6:00 because I had already taken care of myself that day.

I am going to go to the 6:30 meeting this morning. Something came up on my blog yesterday that I would like to write about, but it would more time than I have this morning. I should keep a little log of items I want to write about, because I do forget about them.

Let's stay sober another day, shall we?


Scott W said...

Of course, I went to the comments on yesterday's post to see if I could discern what you wanted to write about, but couldn't. So I will wait.

Hope your Hump Day is glorious!

dAAve said...

Well done.
I forget sooooooooo many things that pass through my mind that I tell myself to write about.
I think.

Syd said...

Breaking up my day with exercise or something besides work is important. I also went to yesterday's comments to see what might be the topic. Looking forward to whatever it might be.

Syd said...

Breaking up my day with exercise or something besides work is important. I also went to yesterday's comments to see what might be the topic. Looking forward to whatever it might be.

Shannon said...

Good Morning old friend I can relate with that feeling of not exercising and how it throws you off... I too get that, and sometimes for me there is not enough time in the day to work, cook, clean, mom, wife, meetings, friends, and work out... I try to do it everyday... but there are somedays I can't and IT REALLY Throws me.
I am glad that you go to do what you can. I have to catch up. I stopped blogging because I got hurt but others, and felt attacked for what I was blogging, not by that one idiot micky but some of our blogging pals... I got my feelings hurt because I share the process on my blogs, good, bad and ugly, and I felt I was being judged, and didnt feel comfortable blogging anymore, so I stopped- but now I am over it and will start up again. I have missed you

Right Brained Gal said...

You are such an inspiration to me. You lead such a full life - physically, mentally and spiritually.
No matter what the circumstances, you have this inner strength that is astounding.

nic said...

I've never allowed myself to run more than a mile thinking I couldn't run further. I think, if I set a goal, I could run more. I can't wait to try it once I get out there again. (Michigan is tooooo cold.)

And I agree with you completely, though- if I don't play in some way (riding my bike or running or dancing) I feel all funky. I've been sick the last week and a half and I've set a goal to start riding again tomorrow (on my trainer). I've been struggling a little with boredom. I hate it.

Anywho, thanks for being you. :)

Mary Christine said...

1. I want to write about whether people think they are sober by their own work or by the Grace of a Loving God.

2. I have taken migraine medication, and found it made me sick in addition to having a migraine. I have been at this for a long time...

3. I have gone to Alanon and if I had any time now, I would go again. I will tell anyone who will listen that I believe that Alanon saved my life. It is a wonderful program.

Anonymous said...

MC, Can't help you with points 2 or 3, but as to point 1 on your list: It's already been written. Steps 1-3 don't really leave a lot of room for interpretation. Unless, of course, one is still just sticking a toe in the water. In which case, said one hasn't really done much of anything yet, except resist letting go.

Here's praying those who need it find the strength to do just that.

Scott C in the Land of Cleves