Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning

You know, I always say I love Saturday Mornings - and I do. But I might like Monday Mornings second best. I am so glad to be going back to work today. And today I am having lunch with a bearded gentleman from Montana!

I had absolutely no down-time all weekend. I am exhausted. Mothers Day was not the best. Everyone was cranky - and I may have been the crankmeister. This may sound like an excuse, but I think these family traditional dinners are difficult because we all miss a certain soldier serving in Iraq. My son, their brother, their uncle. At first, it was a novelty and we could all feel brave or noble or something. Now it is getting very old, and I feel nothing but weary and sad.

Yesterday at church there was a little slide show behind the Priest as he gave his homily. One of the images was of a mother and her son in uniform. Her face was pressed into his chest. He might have been leaving, but I got the feeling he had just come back. She looked tired and tear-stained, but relieved and so grateful to be touching her son. That started my tears, and I cried through the rest of Mass.

By the time I got the voice mail last night from my dear friend, I thought -oh no! Tim is in town and I do not have one second to carve away to meet him! I called him back and he suggested lunch! Well, hells bells, I have time for lunch! Thank God for old friends. I am greatly looking forward to seeing him.

I better get out and run and get ready for work. I am so grateful that I have a job where I can escape myself for 8 to 10 hours a day! I would like to borrow Zane's line today : Now y'all be pretty, ya heah.

"Men and women drink essentially because they like the effect produced by alcohol." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. xxvi


Scott W said...

Yep, I drank because it was effective! I am glad you made it through yesterday intact. You have a great Monday attitude.

Pam said...

Your life is so jam packed with events...enjoy your lunch date!

Christine said...

church is one of the best places to cry

dAAve said...

Lunch today will be just like Christmas in May.
Enjoy and say hi from me.

lushgurl said...

Yeah, I used to look forward to work too! I just know that your son was thinking about you yesterday, and sending lots of love your way.
Have a great lunch with a good old friend!
love and HUGS

Zane-nawwaa said...

Hanging in my kitchen is ths sign:
Honey, you can borrow my line anyway, it's just an old Southern
greeting meaning Do your Best. Be kind, sort of pretty is as pretty does.

Shannon said...

I am in the same boat. I am attempting to take it easy tonight... LOL
I hope your day went well. Thinking of you

lash505 said...

Its all good even the bearded fellows.