Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Morning

It is 40 degrees outside. I woke up and thought I would run, but I looked at my books and they strongly urge me to let my body heal. I feel like a slacker. Perhaps I will take a walk.

I got a post card yesterday from my son. He sent it while he was on leave in Sydney. He is back to Iraq now. I am having nightmares about him. I feel like I am going through the whole thing over again. I was so frightened when he first got over there, and then I came to accept it as the reality of each day. Now I feel frightened again... almost panic stricken. I will hope to come back to the level of acceptance I had before. Being panic stricken is not a feeling I like to have.

Okay, I think I shall go take a walk and get ready for another day.

"Like most people, we have found that we can take our big lumps as they come. But also like others, we often discover a greater challenge in the lesser and more continuous problems of life. Our answer is in still more spiritual development. Only by this means can we improve our chances for really happy and useful living." -- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 114


Scott W said...

Our answer is in still more spiritual development. Yep.

One day at a time, MC. One prayer at a time, too.

Pam said...

You must have read the thermometer wrong. 40 degrees is the dead of's almost June!
Be gentle with your sweet self.

Christine said...

walking, praying and breathing can reduce the panic for me---hope it works for you too

lushgurl said...

I have been bordering on the panic-state lately too. A couple of good friends, including our Pam, always remind me to keep it in today, this very moment...tough to do when our children are involved, but way better than the alternative. A nice long bike ride is what I'll do to clear my head today.
Love ya, and prayers for your sons' safety...

dAAve said...

Is there a local family group of war vets that you might keep in touch with?
Take care of yourself.

jrhighpeteacher said...

MC, I used to be involved with Blue Star Moms. My nephew lived with me and went to the Navy at the beginning of the conflict.

Hang in there. God's in charge, really.

Zane-nawwaa said...

I hope you did your walk. Stay close with GOd today. Hey you are a loving MOM, doing what Moms do.
Worry about their little boys. There will be two sets of footprints in the sand again. Luv and good thoughts your way today.

Benchmark said...

give yourself a break sister.. I am coming in the next few weeks.. I bring the warm weather.

Shannon said...

I just love you MC. I can relate to feelling like a slacker when I dont do my full work out.. but sometimes... as hard as it is to understand for us gung ho people... we have to take a break.

I think the quote you posted speaks to us all thank you

I, as always have you son in my prayers. Hope you got some peace on your walk... (did you run a little?)
love you