Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ten things you don't want to know about me...

Christine tagged me to do this. As I sit here and start this, I have not a clue of anything you don't want to know about me... I'm honored you take the time to read my blog and DO want to know anything about me.

1. I get migraine headaches... I have one now.
2. I love the sound of birds singing in the pre-dawn morning.
3. I have post-traumatic stress from having three small children within two and a half years, and I have great difficulty being around small children - even my very own beloved grandchildren.
4. I was attacked by guard dogs when I was 5, I am*mostly* over my fear of dogs, but it can come up unexpectedly.
5. Running has helped me with my fear of dogs and of people.
6. I sometimes close my curtain when I see my neighbor and her husband outside, she used to be my close friend, and then HE came along, and although I am truly happy for them, it sometimes makes me want to gag to see them holding hands, riding a bicycle built for two, calling each other "honey" and acting like adolescents. Sorry. I am working on this.
7. I have a serious history with debilitating major depression. My diagnosis now reads - (296.36) major depressive disorder, recurrent, in full remission. I think maybe it isn't in full remission right now.
8. I knit in AA meetings. Some people think this is wonderful, others think I ought to put my needles away and act like other people.
9. I give away 99.9% of what I knit in meetings, and the recipients do NOT think I ought to stop knitting.
10. I am more grateful than words can say for the program and the people of Alcoholics Anonymous. You guys embraced me when I was pretty unembracable and loved me until I could love myself, you brought me back to God and eventually the religion of my youth. The steps have removed lifetime problems - not solved, not "worked out" - they were erased!
(11. Every morning I have to type in a Word Verification to publish my blog, and every morning, it takes me 2 to 3 tries to get it right. I cannot read those twisting bizarre letters!- okay, now I am on try #4)
Post script: I am glad you mentioned that you don't have to do word verification to post.... I have just checked this out and it seems Blogger has identified this blog as a spam blog and that is why I have to do WV. I have sent them an e-mail to identify to them I am an actual human being. I hope I pass the test!


Scott W said...

Embrace me
My sweet embraceable you
Embrace me
My irreplaceable you
Just to look at you
My heart grows tipsy in me
You and you alone
~George and Ira Gershwin

You really have word verification to publish? I don't have to do that. Only to comment.

Kari Sullivan said...

The more I hear about others, their traumas and their struggles, the less alone I feel. Many of the items on your list apply to me, too.

Thank you for sharing it.

Peace out!

Pam said...

please don't start acting like "other people".
I'm selfish..."other people" never like me.
I suffer from the "small children" stuff also darlin'.

jrhighpeteacher said...

MC, that is so weird, I had a dream of running by a pit bull who was trying (and then succeeded) to get off his collar and chase me!

I never even thought about dogs and running until this dream. And now you're top ten! WOW!

Have you ever thought of doing the squares for Warm Up America? It's a very cool program.

Have a great weekend. Hope the crash is better today

Shannon said...

I love you sooo much MC!
I recognized that ICD-9 code and laughed only those who do anytype of medical billing would know what that was... well and then you added the descripton
I loved hearing how running has helped you get over your fear of dogs and people- I find myself, scared to run alone... because I am a woman and I watch the news. I may take my big black dog... who would never hurt a fly ... LOL but they dont know that
anyways I just love that you share so much personal stuff... it makes me love you even more, and feel more normal.... LOL because I do and feel alot of those things too

dAAve said...

Maybe the dog was trying to eat your homework.
I don't have to do word verification either.

lushgurl said...

ROFL...I love reading these lists, I feel so much better after a good laugh, and the realization that I am NOT that strange after all! For the record, word ver, is challenging for me too!
Love ya MC

Sam said...

good to stop by and visit - thanks for being here

Redhead Gal said...

I love to read your blog, warts and all.

Syd said...

MC, your list made me smile and also feel sad. Depression is what my mother suffered with. It made me suffer as well. I'm always glad to read your blog.

dAAve said...

They took me offline when they thought I was a spammer. For 2 or 3 days. Nice little vacation, it was.

Scott said...

I am happy to learn of these things MC. I loev ya and all the stuff I have learned about ya!

Thanks for sharing some of your Cross with us... It helps me carry mine to know we don't have to struggle with them alone.

peace and hugs~!

Christine said...

thanks for doing this, its fun knowing you