Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blessed Fellowship

My sponsor and her husband just left to drive back over the mountains to the western slope of Colorado. It was so good to spend three days with them. I got to spend some quality time with my sponsor, which felt like heaven. I am much more frequently on the other side of that equation these days. It is good to be the sponsee!

On Friday night, it was so wonderful to sit with two of my sponsees and my sponsor. I love the continuity of the fellowship. Actually, yesterday morning, I was at a meeting with my sponsor, one of my sponsees, and one of HER sponsees. So there were four "generations" of us sitting there. What a wonderful thing it is to get to share this beautiful program.

I feel so peaceful this morning. My house is very quiet and serene. I miss the company, but I do so love (and need) my alone time. I am about to go out and get a good run in. I will run for an hour and see how far that takes me. I am now in my taper week before my triathlon - which is next Sunday.

"To me, AA is within the reach of every alcoholic, because it can be achieved in any walk of life and because the achievement is not ours but God's. I feel that there is no situation too difficult, none too desperate, no unhappiness too great to be overcome in this great fellowship - Alcoholics Anonymous" -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 395 (3rd edition)


Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Thanks for sharing. You truly are proof of how this program works.


Scott said...

I'm glad to learn that you enjoyed your visit and got in some much needed time as sponsee!

Enjoy the peace of your quite home, I too enjoy when I get some of that, lol!

Pam said...

I know the feeling of being the sponsee kind of makes me feel like a kid ;)
Take care of yourself this week while training.

Scott W said...

Tapers are good, especially in a candelabra.

I like that phrase, continuity of the fellowship.

Christine said...

4 generations is an awesome thing! I miss having my sponsor in a meeting with me. it is joyous when I get to see her.

quiet is good, enjoy