Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th of July

It is 52 degrees outside and I need to get out there and run! It will be fabuloso! I slept rather late this morning, so I will be running late - until I get to my office and can just slink into the work-a-day. I have no appointments or meetings today, so I hope to get a lot of work done! How 'bout a gratitude list? OK:
  • I work M-F, and therefore have S-S off!
  • I am in good health and can actually enjoy going out for a run
  • The birds are singing this morning
  • It rained yesterday, and it is cool and damp this morning
  • It has been a year and three days since I have seen my son, but it is about a month until I will see him again
  • The women I sponsor are wonderful sober women who are sincere about their sobriety
  • Sober friends who I love
  • My friend Mike whose birthday is also 24/7 (July 24). He will be 14, I will be 23 - is he my "little" brother?
  • Sober bloggers, I love you guys!
  • The Infinite Grace of a Loving God
"Our search must be for what reality we can find, which includes the best definition and feeling of love that we can acquire. If the capability of loving is in the human being, then it must surely be in his Creator." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 294


Pam said...

52 degrees??? That's considered the dead of winter here!
I can't wait for your post describing your feelings as you wrap your arms around "the boy" when he gets home. Lucky are the children of parents who take care of themselves as YOU DO.

dAAve said...

It's great to read you on a F.
Now we know how you've stayed sober all this time -- You do it 24/7 !!

sober jen said...

Enjoy the cool weather and run and bike ride!

I love reading your blog. It makes me feel good.

Anonymous said...

We love YOU, Mary Christine!

Happy Friday - 512 days sober today if I don't drink.


sober Chick said...

Is it suppose to be that cold durnig this time?

johno said...

I love your quotes at the end of your posts. Thank you

Scott W said...

I am jealous of that morning temperature. It's wilting weather round here.

Meg Moran said...

"about a month until I will see him again....." oh goose bumps!!!!

Shannon said...

wow it did cool off a bit for ya. I am glad. We have had some niiice heat here. I am glad just one more month until your son comes home

Gwen said...

"The Infinite Grace of a Loving God"

Amen sista friend~
Hope your run was great and your weekend greater.

Love,friendship and sober hugs,