Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Into another day

My birthday was utterly fabulous yesterday. I went to a 6:30 a.m. meeting and a 5:30 p.m. meeting and then dinner with about 20 crazy alcoholics. My friend Larry chaired the 5:30 meeting and had a topic I have never heard before - and I think it pissed a few people off - it was "what is your morning prayer?" He closed his eyes and said his out loud. Many others did as well. It was a cool meeting.
  • For the record - my prayer before I open my eyes in the morning is to ask God to guide my thoughts, words, and actions today. - Then I get up and make coffee and sit down and do my reading and prayer and meditation.
My friend Annette came to the 5:30 meeting and passed her 23 year chip to me. I love chips passed from one alcoholic to another. Bless her heart.

I am 10 days out from my triathlon and I think I am not ready. I know I can do it, but I wanted to break 2 hours and I don't think I have trained hard enough to do that. I have bit off a bit much with 2 half-marathons and 1 triathlon within 5 months. I can be grateful that I am capable of doing a triathlon without adequate training - that is something I could not have dreamed of doing even a couple of years ago.

My sponsor and her husband get here tomorrow. I am so excited about seeing her! I haven't seen her since October - but we do talk several times a week. I think it will be a great weekend.

Thanks to all who came by yesterday. I do appreciate you. This will probably make me sound whiny and unappreciative, but last year on my birthday, there were 47 comments... yesterday 17. I know I have pissed off a couple of folks, but I don't think that really accounts for the drop. (someone once told me that if you are pleasing everyone, you are lying to someone.) Where have all the bloggers gone?

Love you all.

"On awakening let us think about the twenty-four hours ahead. We consider our plans for the day. Before we begin, we ask God to direct our thinking especially asking that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 86


Scott W said...

We got spoiled with all the bloggers in their infancy, didn't we? I went back and scanned the comments from last year and we were having a party at your place. I double dipped several times and I did it while looking smart in my caftan!

I have a spiritual brother that passes me his chip for my next year, on my birthday. This year when I receive my 4 year chip, he will give me his 5 year chip. So we can stay sober together. Hey, it's worked so far!

It's so great that your sponsor and her husband are arriving tomorrow. I know you will enjoy that immensely.

My first prayer of the day: Thank you for your blessings of this day and thank you for keeping me sober within them.

lushgurl said...

Aren't birthdays the best?! When I received my one year medallion this year, I gave my other one year to AAngel, I was pregnant with her at the time!
Although I have not yet gotten 47 comments on my little bloggy, I can relate to the feelings of not having as many as the day before! I'm thinking, for me it is just ego boosting or validation that I am important!!
All I know for sure is that as long as YOU post, I'll be here commenting, whether you like it or not!!! Love you!

Scott said...

lol MC< I have been feeling a bit "undercommented" myself. I can only assume that I have offended some, and run a few off with my Catholicism and all. I don't get near the comments I used to, don't know why... But, sometimes that bothers me too...

I forgot to come by yesterday so happy 24th today! Congratulations,and again thank you for being an important part of my recovery!

And don't forget, while it's great to set a time goal and what not for your triathalon, I am glad you have the gratitude to se that it's great to just be able to enjoy participating in one!

God Bless, and your son is still/always in my prayers!

Scott said...

please excuse me... 23 yrs of sobriety, not 24, my apologies!

dAAve said...

I've never had 47 comments so now I must spend the rest of my day trying not to be jealous. LOL
It's a no-brainer that there are fewer of us blogging these days, at least with any regularity.
We all lose, but I am powerless over the actions of others.
blah blah blah

Trudging said...

Passing along chips, what a COOL idea. Don't you just love sober birthdays! I am glad you had a good time.

Pam said...

well, LOL, it never occured to me that I pissed anyone off. I just assumed people were just dropping off of blogging much. Now I'm wondering if I piss off people when I have less comments (hee hee)
My first prayer is always the same also...hit the alarm..and say "Hey God, let's do it"
That seems awfully short when I type it....but He and I both know what I mean.
Enjoy your sponsor...that is so GREAT.

Syd said...

I think that the chip passing is a moving thing. It is symbolic of the passing of the spirit and knowledge from one individual in recovery to another. As far as comments, I just write because I like to do it. If one person reads what I write, I'm grateful.

nigelnews said...

Happy belated birthday from North Wales!
I have just found your blog and it is fantastic!
I to am in recovery, 8 years last november.
No small thanks to some good old fashioned Florida AA
I have attneded lots of AA in Florida whilst on vacation.
LOVE your blog!

Alcoholic Brain said...

WOW!! Good for you!!

JJ said...

OMG..I missed the party. Darn...I hate when I do that. hAAppy AA birthdAAy MC. YOU ROCK!

Christine said...

I never heard of passing a chip onto another, I'veonly seen chips given out from a group box.

what a very cool topic--prayer this morning. Mine waking up is always the serenity prayer but I change the word serenity to strength and grace.

So happy your birthday was memorable

where have all the bloggers gone--30 less is alot. Same place they go when they don't show up in meetings?