Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

I am a Blue Star Mom. This is the Blue Star Flag that is on my front porch. A friend gave me a little flood light to light it on my last birthday. This flag signifies that I have a family member serving in a war. My son is in Iraq.

This morning, I will try (this is a lot to do and I may not be able to do it all) to first bake a lemon meringue pie to take to the picnic today. Second, take a bike ride and a run. Third, go to church at 8:30. Then I have the AA picnic at 11:00, and a party in the neighborhood tonight. I will most likely make it to the 5:30 meeting in the middle of it all. I am sad to not be going to the 6:30 a.m. this morning, but as you can see, I have too much to do this morning.

No matter what is going on, I make time for my morning prayer and meditation, and my written tenth step at night. Most days I attend an AA meeting. I always spend at least some time on the phone with an AA member each day. I usually try to think of one to call who may not be expecting a call, or who I know is hurting. - I tell you these things not to tell you how virtuous I am, but to tell you that no matter how long you are sober, it is still a daily process of staying sober - one day at a time. If I rest on my laurels, they will get wrinkled!

Have a sober and safe Independence Day to my American Friends - to the rest, have a wonderful 4th of July - whatever that means to you.

"We are not cured of alcoholism. What we have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 85


Scott W said...

Not much worse than wrinkled laurels. That is usually a painful condition!

It really is all about maintenence of that spiritual condition. When it's off, everything is off--for me. I treasure my morning time for reading meditations, writing and praying. It is just part of my routine.

Happy Fourth to you!

Pammy said...

Great post, my laurels need professional cleaning and pressing. My so John served a year in Iraq and he is home safely thank God. He is my wild child and he lives next door so I get to watch!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a full day for you. I would love it if I had AA close by for now its the web

Happy Fourth To Ya

Bouncing off the Bottom said...

Alice (HP) bless your son and keep him safe. And Alice bless you, my sober e-friend. Lemon meringue pie. YUMM!

kathym said...

I'm glad I've found your blog. It seems your posts are exactly the direction I need in my early sobriety (3 weeks, 3 days). Thanks for your guidance and thanks to your son for his service.

Christine said...

love how you keep it simple and pass it on

Happy 4th, sounds like a wonderful day--enjoy!

Shannon said...

Happy 4th of July. and I love you!
Thanks for reminding me about resting on my laurels.. I soo appreciate you sharing that.

jrhighpeteacher said...

Hey MC! What a great post this morning. I do read you every morning on feed, but rarely had time to post this last month, due to school getting out and all.

I'm a Blue Star Aunt, my nephew coming to live with me 6 years ago before I sent him to the Navy! (Long story)...

Thank you to your son for his service, and everytime I read about your lemon meringue pies, my mouth waters!


Linda V. said...

MC, I started my Recovery Blog. :)

Jeani said...

In 8 weeks we will have a son-in-law in Iraq. The 4th of July seems to take on a whole new meaning when you have loved ones in the military. Have a wonderful 4th.

Pam said...

Bless your busy heart darlin'.
I got enough wrinkles without now worrying about my laurels. Sobriety is Exhausting :)
but oh so worth it.