Tuesday, July 24, 2007

By the Grace of God and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous

Today I celebrate 23 years of continuous sobriety. On July 24, 1984, an entirely new life was given to me - in exchange for a drunken, shameful one. If I were capable of producing this myself, I would have done it years before I had been through what I had been through and hurt all the people I hurt. I believe that my sobriety is something I could never have earned. It is a gift, and all it takes is some gratitude and action... which I refuse to call "work". Work is scrubbing the floor or mowing the lawn, not the blessedly simple things that are asked of us in AA.

I am more grateful than words can say for my sobriety. But I want to say that each sober day is a miracle and a revelation. Enjoy each day. When I was sober 3 years, I may have wished for 23 years, but I am glad I enjoyed being 35 instead of 55 - and all that was going on in my life at that time. Each day is a gift.

When I was fairly new in sobriety, I heard someone say that the only way we "win" this game is to die sober. I thought that was pretty harsh. But I think it is the truth. This is not a competition to win. This is a life to live. If the only way to win is to die sober, I guess I want to win, but not bad enough to die. So I will relish each day and hope that each sober alcoholic does the same.

Thank you for your love. Blogging has added a lot to my sobriety. Those of you I have met hold very very special places in my heart, and I hope to meet more of you as we all trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.

"May God bless you and keep you - until then." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 164


dAAve said...

Happy 23rd!
Thanks for your participation in the program of AA, and of course, your participation in the internet recovery world.
I've got the cake. Today's gluttonous sweetness is a great big, very rich, German Chocolate presentation.
I see that you have some spare napkins, so I'm gonna have a piece of cake, but ... after you, MC.

Pam said...

Thank you for showing us that IT CAN BE DONE. IF we do this deal, one day at a time....we can celebrate our 23rd birthday!!!
I HAVE TO SEE THIS MC. I still require proof that it works :)

Mary Christine said...

I spent a lot of time last night starching and ironing the napkins - and they look fabulous - but will look much better with chocolate all over them!

Scott W said...

To watch people recover, to see them help others, to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends - this is an experience you must not miss! (I added that exclamation point!)

I am bringing gallons and gallons of ice cream. Get out the spoons!

You are proof, as my Pammie said, that the program works. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Shannon said...

I am so grateful that you blog. What you share with us, really keeps me inspired.

I love that quote Scott!!!!

Sooo wooohooo lets PPPAAARTTTAAAYYY!

Happy Birthday MC, have a great run, and meeting today

lushgurl said...

Today I am so very grateful to be a part of your 23 rd birthday celebration. I love you and thank you for being such a big part of my recovery!
Ummm, OK, cake- check
ice cream- check
....I think I'll bring lots of balloons!!!

Syd said...

MC, what you wrote is so powerful. You are so powerful. Thanks for all that you do and what you share. Happy Birthday!

msb said...

Happy Birthday MC. Thank you for sharing your 23 years of recovery with the blog world. Yes, indeed it is a program of living. And for sure enjoy the cake. I'll eat cake tonight and think of yoour wise words.

Anonymous said...

Happy 23rd, Mary Christine! I am awed. I can only hope I can do it too, one day at a time.

It is an honor to read you.


Dharmashanti said...

*Giving you a big hug*

Happy Birthday!
And thank you for sharing so much of your Experience, Strength and Hope over the years.


Christine said...

singing very badly but with much heart:

Happy Birthday to YOU!
keep on being good to yourself.
you are an inspiration

I've got the forks, sounds like a gooey cake!

AAwoken said...

Happy 23rd,

God bless you. You have helped me in ways you cannot imagine. I am also glad we finally spoke after all this time.

Clarity said...

Mary Christine, Happy Birthday! I am so happy for you! Thanks for showing us the way! XXOO

Zane-nawwaa said...

And a helluva HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favoriet drunks. 23 years and counting. Now my dear, that is something to count.
Now you be pretty, ya heah.
Love you.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Ooops, forgot to drop off the ten pounds of Devinity and the 7 lbs of pecan pralines. Enjoy these insanities with the sanity you have from the program. Love ya.

The Discovering Alcoholic said...

Congratulations on an admirable achievement and thank you for having the courage to share your journey.

Best regards,


Shannon said...

Good night MC and happy birthday again (((HUGS)))

Mark said...

Congrats MC!!!

kel said...

Congrats to you!!!


johno said...

Happy belated 23rd, thanks for all your posts and comments. God Bless You!!