Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy July!

I looked back at last year's post for this day - it was when my son was on leave before he left for Iraq. We had watched "Mean Girls" together and laughed, and laughed - and ate and ate. It was a great time, but with a heavy cloud hanging over it. Today is sort of the opposite. It is a heavy time, with worry for my son, but with golden shining hope for his homecoming - which will be in a little over a month.

Yesterday I ran 8.5 miles in the heat. After I ate and bathed, I took a nap, and ended up sleeping all afternoon! It was nice to do that, but there is a part of me that says I wasted a day. In the evening, instead of going to church or a meeting as I usually do, I went to the annual meeting of my homeowner's association. It is the first time I have gone. I nearly volunteered when they said they needed a new secretary. But I kept my eyes and my hand down and the urge passed.

I need to get going out of here to church. It is nice to wake up on a beautiful summer morning and have nothing to do but go to church. My neighborhood is quiet, the birds are singing, my flowers are beautiful... this is what suburban living is supposed to be about - I think. It is going to be hot again today, so I am not clear on what I am going to do for exercise. I may go to the gym later and swim or run on the treadmill.

Last night I talked with my friend Larry who described laying on the couch - with a hangover - wanting everyone to go away - moaning the alcoholic refrain "leave me alone!" And how different life is today. But I can recall the days on the couch or in bed and wanting nothing other than my head to stop pounding and to be able to keep something in my stomach. Oh yes, those were the "good old days."

In any event, I am sure I will have a lovely sober day today and I hope you all do too.

"I came to AA solely for the purpose of sobriety, but it has been through AA that I have found God." -- Alcoholics Anonymous (3rd ed.), p. 192


Pam said...

Isn't it funny....we are so used to volunteering for everything in the kinda carries over. Enjoy your Sunday sweet thang.

dAAve said...

I was treasurer of our homeowner's assoc. for 2 months. I quit. I learned my lesson. I've been on the Board at Lambda for 3 years with no problem. But those homeowner's .....

Scott W said...

Grateful that the pop up window is not acting up now like it was earlier this morning.

How well I remember those hundreds of Sundays spent detoxing. Do not miss it at all!

Shannon said...

I am so truly grateful to wake up hang over free.. what a great feelling. I love that you always remind me of that.
Have a wonderful summer day

Pammy said...

Great post I am "getting sober" and Its tough. Blogs like this help. I have a blog and will document the process I hope to a wonderful end. Yes I have been sober before. No AA to speak of where I live in rural south.
have a great day!


A.M.Duke said...

I am both proud for you and sad for you that your son is in Iraq. I wish you both the best!