Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Morning

The birds are singing outside my window, it is nice and cool and quiet. I love the morning - almost as much as I love the mid-day, the afternoon, the evening, and the night! And I love Monday, I love going back to work to find out what people did over the weekend. The person who got the job I wanted (and planned on and dreamed about) also got the office next to mine. Well, I hate to tell you this, but getting to be her neighbor and know her better over the last 6 months or so has been wonderful. It has made my job so much more enjoyable. I like my job right now better than I have in YEARS and she has a lot to do with that.

Yesterday I ran 10 miles. I did it! Which means I can run a half marathon in Anchorage on June 21. Oh, I cannot begin to tell you how much that means to me.

When I was done with my run, I got a call from the man I have been dating on and off for nearly 2 years, who wanted to see if we could have a cup of coffee. We sat outside and had a lovely cup of iced something or other at Starbucks - it probably had all the calories I had just burned off in 10 miles. I am not going to say more than this about that. Well, except it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the sun shone brilliantly on his silver curls. (I love longer hair on men, if it is beautiful like his).

I came home and rapidly assembled another mixed berry pie. It seems Mr. Mack had seen my blog earlier and the picture of the pie, so I felt like I just HAD to make another one. Oh, it was so good.

And what was even better was seeing my old friend. And other old friends. And meeting his sister, who I have never met before. And meeting his niece and other relatives. And being able to talk to his niece about her dad and step-mother who I knew a long time ago in our beautiful fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was also nice to be with quite a few people who have been sober a lot longer than I have. Oh, what a wonderful feeling that is! And to get to share with folks who are sober not so long - oh, yeah, newcomers - 8 or 9 years...

I came home from there and was so emotional, I just cried. With gratitude. With love. With happiness. With a profound feeling of belonging.

These are the fruits of being part of this beautiful fellowship for years. It is incredible.

When I think back on the first time I ever remember Tim - I was playing pinball (younger folks, ask your parents what that is) at the AA club, I had just won a game and as I left the little room full of machines, a grumpy man said to me "you won THAT game???" I didn't particularly like this guy. I don't think he particularly liked me. But over the years we became very close. He is one person I have no doubt saved my life. I don't say that about other people. I credit Alcoholics Anonymous collectively with saving my life, but not a sponsor, or a person. But in this case, I know that Tim saved my life. I was sober about 5 years and more insane than I had ever been - drunk or sober - and he gently took me by the hand and took me through the 12 steps the way his sponsor had taken him. I had "worked" the steps before, but I had never had the experience of letting the steps work me - letting God do his work. I am forever grateful to him (and Him) for this. And I have passed it on - a lot.

Taking women through the big book. Reading the black on the white. Between the capital letters and the periods. And doing what it says.

What a miracle this is!!!

Thank you!!!!!


dAAve said...

Well said.
All of it.

Andrew said...

A wonderful story to read this early Monday morning. Thank you for the hope and the inspiration!

Syd said...

Thanks for sharing what Tim did with you. It is a wonderful thing how this all works. Happy that you made your run. Go MC!

Scott W said...

Gifts from Santa Claus?

BigSkymAAck said...

WOW, I guess I was a grumpy old man type long before my time. Somehow I think life has changed that though.

It was wonderful to have you come to the BBQ. Your Pie was the hit of the whole event and it was all gone by the time I got back.

I am blushing over what you had to say about me, it feels good though. Yesterday was an emotional event for me as well I felt overcome with a very nice warm feeling inside.

Pam said...

I'm grateful for the non-fancy people who don't have degrees in the 12 steps, and just go thru the book making it clear as they go. Simplicity works so well in our beautiful program.
The men are just flocking to you lately little fruit pie.